There are so many factors which tend to influence the weight loss proper and weight in general, BMR or Basal Metabolic rate is one of them.

Basal metabolic rate simply means the amount of calories which a person needs on minimal in order to sustain life. Calories are the unit of energy. Without the consumption and intake of calories, the body will not be able to get the basic energy that it needs to keep the body functioning and to maintain numerous functions that are undergone by the body. Hence, without calories, the body cannot continue its functioning. Click on the below link to calculate your BMI;

HOW BASAL METABOLIC RATE AND WEIGHT ARE RELATED:Basal metabolic rate is the ‘’amount of minimum’’ calories that a body needs.

These are those calories which are utilized by the body doing numerous processes. These calories do not accumulate in the body or build ‘’negative’’ fat that excessive calories can.
It is very important to know that BMR is also an indication of your metabolic system. It does depend upon a number of factors itself. The more the activity level that one has, the more the BMR. For example, if a person exercises on regular basis, his/her BMR is higher than a person who has little to sedentary level of activity per day.

People who complain about the increasing weight or being underweight are those who either consume calories more than their need (can be calculated through BMR) or they take calories lesser than their need(BMR can again help determine it). This the relation between 

BMR and weight. One determines the body’s minimum calorie intake and the other explains how excessive intake can affect the body.

HOW DOES BMR HELP LOSE WEIGHT?BMR is known to be the basic starting point of when it comes to lose weight.
One can sketch a diet plan based upon the BMR or keeping the basal metabolic rate in view. 

This is simply because metabolism is the initial point of losing weight.

BMR is an estimated value which is influenced by many things. You might be a lazy person, but your body would still do things to support itself. Hence, it can be said that while you are a lazy and inactive person, your body is not. It is doing a number of functions per day, such as, pumping blood, controlling your breathing or exchange of gases, respiration, and so much more. To do all this, it requires energy in the form of calories. 
BMR is that total value of calculated calories. It tells you the need of your body.

-There are a fixed amount of calories that one needs to lose and to maintain weight. All those values are determined through BMR. BMR helps you know your calorie consumption requirement and then shows the alarm sign that you can lose weight if you eat only the required calories most of which, the body will utilize doing its own functions and even if you are a lazy person, your body will help lose weight. 

-Exercise is something that can boost the weight loss system. This is because it burns excess of calories. It can serve as a cherry on top. However, your overall BMR value is calculated considering your exercise schedule. Exercise can also help tone the body. 
-Exercise tends to burn calories. Therefore, the calorie intake that a person needs to manage the functions going on in the body, also tend to increase.

Due to this reason, the BMR value in general shows an increase.

When it comes to weight loss, many health experts advise going for the calculation of BMR. 

This is because some of your calories are burnt without you even doing anything or it can be said that some of the calories are burnt simply by the process of breathing. 
You can lose weight if your burn calories more than you consume.

After knowing your bmr you can, 
-Adjust your calorie intake of each day, 
-Set a calorie limit, 
-Know how many calories you can burn otherwise.

All these cannot be known without proceeding the first step, i.e. the simple process of calculating basal metabolic rate.

You can calculate the BMR value by the use of this calculator which has been mentioned below.

BMR calculatorBasal metabolic rate calculator is a calculator which is simply used to calculate the BMR value. This calculator is the easiest way through which the desired value can be calculated. Without this calculator, one needs to do a lot of complex calculations to get the desired result. The basic interface of the calculator is provided below. 

The calculator is as simple to use as it looks like. The information that it requires, include: 

-Your gender: 
This is because gender is definitely a factor playing a huge role in the calculation of the desired value. Men usually have a greater BMR then women.

The BMR value vary from kids to teenagers and from teenagers to adults and so on. 
If the BMR of 2 males is looked upon, then the elder one would have a lesser BMR than the younger one. Hence, it can be said that the BMR values decrease linearly with age.

-Height and weight. 

-Activity level:
The more the activity level, the greater is the daily calorie input or need of the body. Hence the calculator requires the information about your activity level. Whether it is sedentary or from any other option.

IF you do not understand the result through the calculated BMR value, then the calculator provides you with the information about how many calories you need each day. This calculator is very simple to use. It requires the very simple information and all those factors which possibly influence your desired value.

Also, this calculator is not only easy to use but is also absolutely free. So, you don’t have to pay for the use of it. You can know the required value within seconds. It does not need your personal information such as name, email as well which might make one hesitant. You can find the calculator at
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