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First, some common sense tips
  • Television, computer, video game console must be placed in a common room (not in a room), under the supervision of parents.
  • It is best not to leave a child under five alone in front of a screen, even in front of a cartoon. We do not know what can scare a child of this age.
  • The television should not be switched on permanently, but only when looking at it.
  • Your TV should not work when one of your children is doing homework, even if the TV is not in the same room.
  • To grow, small children need to handle toys of their age, listen to their parents talk and babble with them. Putting them in front of a TV is to prevent them from playing, listening and babbling. It is a waste of time for them and it is giving them bad habits (passivity ...) in the consumption of screens.
  • Above all, no screen (television, computer, video games ...) in the morning before children go to school. And no screen either in the evening after dinner, before they fall asleep.
  • If possible, set simple limits for using screens: for example, "You can do half an hour of video games, but only on Saturdays and Sundays" or "You can watch half an hour of day, but only after finishing your homework and before dinner.”
  • Read books as often as possible to your children, even if they are very young. Be with them, on their bed, to read a book to them before they fall asleep and help them to have a better night. And you pass on the habit of reading books.
Secure Internet access from...

A computer

The first precaution to take to protect your children from content that is not intended for them is to activate the filters offered by the search engines. This operation is very simple and only takes a few seconds. By clicking on the two links below you will know how to proceed on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and YouTube.
  • How to enable the filtering of inappropriate content on Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  • How to protect your children on YouTube?
However, as soon as your child grows up, he or she will be able to easily unplug the filters from the search engines (unless you have locked them, but for that you must have an account at Google or Yahoo!, for example). Better to equip your family computer with a filtering software that prevents minors from being exposed to pornographic or ultra-violent content. Normally, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) must offer you such tools for free. 

These programs are more complicated for parents to install, but also for children to bypass.

The below to the help pages of the service providers, which explain how to obtain, install and configure the filtering software offered for free by your ISP.

You are subscribed to:
  • Alice / Free
  • SFR / NeufBox
  • Numericable
  • Wanadoo / Orange

Unfortunately, these tools are still imperfect.

Mac users can see the pages of the Orange site , pretty well presented, which explain how to configure Mac OS X for optimal protection of your child.

Additional tips for parents...

young children
  • TV, computer, video games ...: advice for primary school children
Of teenagers
  • Remotely control the activity of his teens
From a smartphone or tablet:
Do not forget to secure the touch pads that can be used by your children.

Use in 4G:
Enable free parental controls offered by operators, to prevent viewing inappropriate content.
  1. Bouygues
  2. Orange
  3. SFR
Wifi use
  • How to make an iPhone and iPad safer for children?
  • Why children should take a Facebook nickname
  • What to do if your child is being abused on a Spotted page ?
Other social networks
  • How to secure your child's profile on
  • How to secure your child's profile on Instagram
  • At what age can you put a child in front of a screen?
  • The three main problems of television : time-consuming activity, sleep and attention disorders, addiction to advertising
  • Focus on replay viewing, rather than live broadcasts;
  • Reality TV and children
  • Television news: from what age can a child watch it?

Video games

Check that the games are for your child:

Use the Pan European Game Information (Pegi) classification developed by video game publishers

Mobile phone
On the mobile phone, everyone agrees that, if in doubt, the precautionary principle should be applied and the no longer possible his personal exposure. Here is the summary of the tips to apply:

1-For kids, the latest is the best. The growth of their developing organism makes them particularly vulnerable to all electromagnetic radiation. The French government recommends a moderate use of mobile phones by children.

2-Choose a low SAR cell (Specific Absorption Rate: the SAR is the maximum level of radio waves you can be exposed to using this device). All mobile phones marketed in France must have a SAR less than 2 W / kg, but some devices have much lower SARs than others.

3-If possible, do not carry your phone at or near your heart, armpit or hip, near your genitals. Keep the phone antenna as far away from you as possible. Even when sending an SMS.

4-Always use the "wired" headset (also called "headset") that came with your phone to keep the device away from your ear (and your brain) during the conversation. Better yet: use a Bluetooth headset.

5-Only call in maximum reception conditions: as soon as your display shows the "4 bars" of network, no less. For each missing bar, the radiation emitted by the laptop to connect would be multiplied by 2.

6-Do not call while moving (train, car, bus, foot, horse, bike, boat, scooter, roller, etc.). A mobile in motion emits more waves.

7-Move the phone away from you and keep it upright for as long as the first ring is sounded.

8-Do not give your old smartphone to your child: he could use it to surf the Internet!

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