Types of Guitar Every Guitarist Should Know


Do you dream of becoming a guitarist? Do you love playing the guitar? If you are fond of playing a guitar then you should know about the various types of guitars available. Most people know about two to three types of guitars. However, there are plenty of guitar types about which most people don’t know.

Most people know about the simplest types of guitars that they usually see the gingers and guitarists playing in the music events. So let us check some common types of guitars available in the markets.

Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic guitars are the type with which most people are familiar. They have hollow bodies due to which they are capable of amplifying the sound that their strings produce while playing. Acoustic guitars are of further two types – the steel string type and classical.

The difference between the two types is that the classical one has a wide neck with nylon strings while the other has steel strings. Both the guitars are played using in the fingerstyle plectrums.

Electric guitars
The electric guitars use electricity for playing, and they are usually plugged into a high voltage amplifier. It is done to achieve a loud sound and bass while playing the instrument. 

If you live in Melbourne, you can find many stores selling the guitar amps Melbourne. The electric guitars are usually seen in the rock, jazz, blues, and pop music events. The amplification produces a more loud volume with a metallic boost.

Archtop guitars

The archtop guitar is one of the favorite guitars among the jazz guitarists across the globe. 
Although the exterior look of an archtop guitar is similar to the acoustic guitar, both the types differ internally. The inner design of an archtop guitar has an internal electromagnetic pickup.

Moreover, it has a pot that is not available in an acoustic guitar. the Archtop guitars are usually available in two types- the full-bodied and the other one being a thin line. You can buy an archtop guitar at an average price as its cost is neither too high nor too low.

Twelve string guitar
As the name suggests this type of guitar has twelve strings instead of the usual six strings. 

The player plays the strings in pairs and not individually as in case of a six string guitar. It produces a bright and clear tone in the end. The chord progressions require thickening, and you need to practice for playing this guitar with perfection.

Steel guitars
The steel guitars have their origins in Hawaii, and these are entirely different from the electric guitars. As this guitar is made up of steel, it is heavier as compared to other types. 

They are of two kinds - one is played by placing crossways on the knees of the player. It has pedal steel with a mechanical tactic similar to the one in a harp. You can change the pitch of the strings using the pedals.

The second type is the lap guitar that is also placed on the lap of the player. A solid steel bar is used on a horizontally laid neck.

Resonator guitar
The resonator guitar is one of the unique guitars available. They lack the sound-hole present in other types of guitars.  Instead, it has a large circular plate that also hides the resonator cone. The aluminum cone manipulated the sound and helped in releasing a highly bright and clear music.

The resonator guitar is perfect for playing in the large halls as well as in open-air music events. Most of the country music artists and blue singers prefer playing a resonance guitar because of its loud and clear sound.

Electrifying Bass guitar
It is a classic type of guitar with an extended length of strings. The strings are lengthy as compared to other types of guitars. It comes in further two types – the electric bass and the acoustic type guitar. The electric bass guitar user can play a variety of notes using the lowest four strings. Usually, these guitars come in the four string models, but the five and six string variants are also available in the stores.

Semi Acoustic guitar
A semi-acoustic guitar comes with a large hollow sound box at its center that produces high sound while playing. You don’t need an amplifier to boost its sound while playing the instrument in a small room. The sound box in a semi-acoustic guitar is usually made of metal. Therefore it does not produce the depth and quality of sound like an acoustic guitar.

Final Words
These are some common types of guitars available across the world. Almost all of them are available in Australia as well. Some guitars produce enough sound in a room or hall. 

However, it is better to use an amplifier when playing in outdoor events and large auditoriums. If you live in Melbourne, you can search for guitar amps Melbourne to find the stores that are selling amplifiers.
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