4 ways to cope up with the situations having wardrobe malfunction


In the world full of a perfectionist, you are not allowed to fall and even if you do, you must be smart enough to cope with the things that made you fell. Wardrobe malfunctions are a serious and a major issue that people don’t feel like talking about much but they are always there to make fun of the one who faced it.  Do you want to be laughed at? No? Scroll down to know the best ways to tackle the awkward situations due to these mischievous little but major blunders.

1.    React maturely
The very first thing to take notes on is reacting sensibly because the entire situation depends upon how you react to something such embarrassing. If you blame it on others or start yelling at your friends like why they didn’t tell you that there is a flinch in your jeans or something more uncomfortable with your bra straps, you not only depict the evil but also the nervous side of yours which allow people to poke in and make things even more embarrassing. The best way to react to such a situation is, to just relax and smile. I mean it’s okay! No one wants this to happen but eventually, it did, u felt embarrassed and now you move on to fix it. Yes, as simple as that!

2.    Stop explaining
Why would you have to explain it to everyone that what and why just happened to you? I mean, a wardrobe malfunction is something that no one would ever wish for, right? If it did happen, it’s none of their business. You just need to calm all the questions down by a simple and decent answer, “BRB, fixing it” … and walk away like a pro!

3.    Stop being funny because it’s not!
If you keep recalling it again and again just to make you feel like you are okay with it, then trust me this would be the worst option. People listen, they enjoy and comfort you for the moment, and then they laugh behind your back for being so foolish enough to make fun of your own self. Even if they are trying to be funny, you just have to act sensible and pass them all with a decent smile on. 

Remember, the more you try to fake the feelings, the greater chances are of being more embarrassed.

4.    Don’t ruin the situation, make it positive!
The smarter you act, the sexier you look… Imagine running to the stage in an auditorium full of the attendees and falling down just because your shoe stuck in the carpet. What would you do? Lay down and create a drama while waiting for others to come and pick you up? No! That’s not what a smartypants does. You will climb up the stage hiding the pain (maybe with a bleeding knee) and say “Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to talk about the lemons life keeps throwing at us and how we make the best lemonades! My God! That would be amazing. No?

Life is all about ups and downs. Nothing and no one in this world could be perfect, the actual smartness is to deal right with those downsides and react to the point so you save yourself from getting in extra troubles. If you get into any of these situations of facing a wardrobe malfunction, be it a smaller or a bigger blunder, realize that the bad has already happened, all you need to do now is to stay calm and steady to put the full stop to the further embarrassment. Also, try and fill your wardrobe with the trusted brands so you avoid such situations. Avail these Apricot discount codes to get yourself treated with the best.

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