7 proven hack to increase your website traffic

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I know that you heard the saying that content is king, with the right content your site traffic would skyrocket and your revenue would increase.

But after you have created your blog and publish high-quality contents, the traffic is low or even someday there is no traffic at all, and the dream of making money from your blog is not forthcoming and you are now thinking of quitting.

The problem is that your blog is new and it takes sometime before your blog post would be index by Google. If you are in this stage whereby your blog is new and the traffic is not forthcoming, I would show 7 proven hacks that to increase your website traffic.

If your business website is newly created, you can also follow this hacks that would help your business, but if you have money to spend, you can make use of paid advertisement to boost the traffic to your site. With the right campaign, you can find targeted traffic to your website and eventually your business revenue would increase.

If your blog is still new and you don’t have money to spend on paid advertisement, you need 
to follow all the method outline and if you follow the method correctly your blog traffic would increase.

7 proven hack to increase your website traffic

The 80/20 rule still applies to website traffic, you have to use 20% of your time to create high-quality content and use the 80% to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Pinterest
Pinterest is not like the rest of social media site, it is a search engine on its own, which drives traffic to blog that creates a compelling pin.

With more than 1 billion users using Pinterest, your blog traffic would skyrocket if you shared your blog post on Pinterest.

Create a Pinterest business account and verify the ownership of your website. After creating your business account on Pinterest, find a Pinterest group with high follower and share your post to this group after they accept you to become a contributor.
  • Install Social Media Sharing plugin
When visitor like your post, they can share your post on their social media account, this drive traffic to your blog. You can install social media sharing plugin on your blog and activate the plugin; new visitor can share your post easily from your blog.
  • Research Your Keyword
Keyword research is the key to drive traffic to your blog using search engine. Keyword research prevents you from writing an article that is difficult for you to rank higher, this makes you focus on long-tail keyword with low competition that is easy to rank higher.

If you are thinking of getting an organic visitor, you need to make sure that your blog post is rank on page 1.
  • Install SSL certificate On Your Blog
Blog without SSL certificate ranking position in the SERP is lower when compared with blog with SSL. Search engine believes that your blog is secure and that its user data won't be compromised when they visit your blog.

This gives you a higher ranking in the SERP. Most web hosting comes with a free SSL certificate that you can install on your blog for free, but you can upgrade to paid SSL certificate.
  • Write Longer Content
Google won’t index your post if they discovered that your content is lower than 300 words, they would deem your content too thin. Content over 2000 words performs better than content with 1000 words. If you want to rank higher and you discover that your competitor content is lower than 1000 words, write a longer post and watch as your traffic increase because of the increase in the ranking position of your content.
  • Build High-Quality Backlink
Backlink increase your blog domain authority and page authority, this helps your blog post to increase their ranking position in the SERP. You can build high-quality backlink by guest posting, forum posting, and blog commenting, and so on.

Don’t buy backlink from spammy site because when Google finds out that the backlink point to your site is spammy, they would ban your blog and the chance of getting organic traffic would be affected. 
  • Internal Linking Your Post
Internal linking your old post can increase your blog traffic, when user read your new post they can click on your internal link to know more about the topics, always make sure that the anchor text is compelling to increase your click-through rate.
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