Kids Travel Bag : The most important things you should pick for your child

kids travel bags

You are willing to go out for a vacation with your family. Or you are thinking to go out overseas by plane. So, one of the most important things you should focus on is your packing. 

Normally, as a father or mother, the safety of your baby will be your first priority. So it’s important to take useful things for your child. Because you can’t pick up too many objects on your kids travel bag. So, I am going to tell you what you should pick up on your kids travel bag for a safe journey or vacation.

1. Clothes

Pick up a sweater for your child. If you are traveling anywhere by car or bus or anything else, cold can easily affect your children. Keeping a sweater on your kids travel bag is needs to be your first duty. Even if you are traveling overseas by plane, please pack a sweater on your children travel bag. Because we heard a lot of time that, sometimes condition in the plane become chilly. So the sweater will keep your child warmer.

Keep a pair of sandal. It will give them a choice to use (Shoes or sandals). They can easily match with the condition.

Take a small animal pillow. It will help them to take rest comfortably.

2. Books and Toys

Because you’re going to hang out with your family, you should keep an eye on their entertainment. Sometimes our travel or vacation becomes boring. Or, your children might get bored of a long journey. So picking up books or toys will help them to be busy and refreshed. But don’t pick up high weight books or toys. Try to take interesting magazines for your child and little toys like Rubik's cube, video games or small balls. This will help to keep their bags light.

3. Regular objects

Keep your children’s toothbrush and toothpaste on their bag. Because these are some regular objects of your child. As I said earlier, your child health needs to be your first priority. So toothbrush and toothpaste are one of the most important objects you should pack on your kids travel bag. Whenever they eat something like ice-cream, chocolates or dessert, they might get affected by germs. So, they can easily use the brush to clean their teeth.

Also keep some toiletries like tissue, hand sanitizer etc.

4. Foods and drinks

Food is also one of the most important things for your child while traveling. Your child may not love outside food. Or the delay of departure can make them hungry. So keep a light tiffin box on their bag. You can have sandwiches, cookies, cooked meats, fruits etc. on their tiffin. These are also allowed on a plane.

Keep a bottle of water on their bag. During traveling they might feel thirsty. So it will help them to prevent from dehydration. You can also have some juice or energy drinks. But I suggest water to have on their bag.

5. Electronics items

Take a digital tablet or a smartphone for your child on their bag. They will love to spend time playing video games or watching videos while traveling. Because they are more comfortable with these electronic devices more than nature. They can easily spend time using these devices.
Install some video games before to leave on their tablet or phone. But make sure you bend electronic devices for everyone after reaching your destination. It will help you to spend some more time with your children.

6. Other necessary things

Put an earphone on their bag. Earphone will help them to listen to music or videos in a noisy situation.
Keep a cap on their bag. If you are traveling somewhere, you may find bright sunshine there. So a cap will keep them away from sunshine. Take a sunglass. It will also save their eyes from sunshine. If your child love to draw, you can put a pencil box and a 10-15 page notebook also on their bag.

Don’t forget to write your address or contact number on their bag. Because if anything happens to your child without your knowing. People easily can contact you.

Everybody wants to give comfort to his/her children. Especially, you arrange holidays for your kids and family. Give your children more independence so that they enjoy the holidays. Don’t put so much stuff on their backpack. If you follow my checklist your kid’s bag will remain light. So, look back to my checklist I have written above and do not forget anything. Pack and enjoy your journey.
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