Love Life: It’s all in your hand !!

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It’s all in your palm lines, they say. And rightly so! Since time immemorial, people have relied on palmistry to brace up for the future. With time, more and more people have started to see and experience its wonders.

The very fact that palmistry is now considered a whole new branch of science in itself, testifies that it does not just fall within the bizarre and unexplained world, suggests the world-famous celebrity astrologer SundeepKochar. Various studies show that your palm lines reveals a lot about your health, personality, and most importantly your love life, which usually incites a lot of curiosity among people. 

When it comes to love, all you need to do is find your heart lines.Theysay a lot about your romantic inclination, attitude towards love, married life, nature of spouse, and your relationship with your children.The length and fineness of these lines reveal the intricacies of a person’s relationships and his life expectancy.

As a matter of fact, not everyone has matching heart lineson their palms. Symmetrical and perfectly aligned heart lines indicate that you’re truly blessed as a person, says Top Astrologer Dr Sundeep Kochar. It signifies a calm, and generous personality. You are likely to make a great parent and relish good compatibility with your spouse. Also, you live 
life on your own terms, and tend to be drawn towards old souls.

Having the heart line on your left palm higher than the right one shows that you are a liberal and confident individual. According to Dr Kochar,it also indicates that you’re less likely to need a partner in order to feel that your life is complete. You’re not among the people who go around looking for a lover. You’re likely to explore unconventional ways in life and can also havemuch younger spouses. 

So, check your heart lines in the left and right palm and see the category you fall into.
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