Microsoft Dynamics Got Huge Deals this Week

The past week has been lucky for Microsoft Dynamics Group as it got major deals this week. In this article, we have shared two major deals which are very beneficial for Microsoft and its company.

Let us first put light on these two big deals or partner roundups that Microsoft Dynamics got in the past few days.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 got a $1 Million deal through Sunbridge Software Services Ltd.
  2. DXC Technology announced to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in its DXC Eclipse for Seed Heritage.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 got a $1 Million deal through Sunbridge Software 
Services Ltd.
Sunbridge Software Services Limited, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, has sealed a multi-year deal by a reputed industrial services company worth $1 Million, as announced by the Sunbridge itself.

This huge deal is said to be inked for three years and alongside, Sunbridge Software Services has not revealed the name of the company yet.

This anonymous Company has hired Sunbridge Software Services to install and manage the 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation (D365FO) module.

The unnamed company accosted Sunbridge Software Services as it wants to accomplish computerized change and latest PCs for the company.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation (D365FO) module is well known for expanding an organization's economic achievement by upgrading workforce profitability, diminishing operational costs, expanding profits, and streamlining asset supervision.

The best thing about Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation (D365FO) module is that it has the capacity of adjusting to any monetary and operational changes that occur in an association.
Sunbridge Software accepted this offer and will set up and execute the D365FO, Dynamics 

Finance & Operational module at the company, covering ERP services in the USA and the Middle East Zone.

Well, this is not the only work that Sunbridge does, it also provides some professional services such as training of the staff, client support, implementation etc.

DXC Technology announced to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in its DXC Eclipse for Seed Heritage.

DXC Technology, on 26th November, announced that its auxiliary business, DXC eclipse will implement the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Seed Heritage.

DXC Technology is one of the reputed IT Services company in the world while Seed Heritage is an Australian based Fashion Retailer Company.

The Seed Heritage laid its foundations in 2000 with a very short number of people and now it has 500 stores and 2000 plus employees all over Austalia. It is a child company of Brandbank company in Australia.

"We plan to grow our market both locally and overseas. And to do so, our company needs a system that will render a smooth, interspersed approach and will deliver a unique view of the client.

We joined hands with DXC Eclipse as a result of its reputation of effective ventures in the retail space.

The mastery of DXC Eclipse in fashion retail was the primary thing to opt it", said Anthony CronWright, Manager, Brandbank.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool will render basic advantages to Seed Heritage that will bolster the organization in implementing its key development designs, including worldwide extension.

This deal will be beneficial for the Seed Heritage Company as well as for the Microsoft too.
Other than above-mentioned Partner Roundup, Dynamics 365 has got many other Roundups too. This implies that Microsoft has a good week the past month.
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