Artificial Jewellery - How It’s Made

jewellery ( Best know for jhumka earrings online shopping & artificial kundan jewellery online )   : Artificial jewellery is known by various names such as fashion jewellery, imitation jewellery, pretend jewellery, costume jewellery, etc.As the name suggests, artificial jewellery is a low cost option in comparison to standard jewellery that is made from gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, precious stones and other costly materials. Artificial jewellery came into prominence during the 20thcentury, even though similar products have been in use for around 300 years. During the 20th century, artificial jewellery emerged as an affordable alternative to standard jewellery that was beyond the reach of middle class families.

How artificial jewellery is made
Artificial jewellery is available at cheap prices, as it is made using inexpensive materials such as nickel, copper, brass, pewter, Lucite, rhinestones, leather, beads, clay, ceramic, shells, sterling silver, steel, glass, and plastic. The process of making artificial jewellery is also quite simple and does not require advanced machinery. Most artificial jewellery is made using simple tools and basic equipment. Some commonly used equipment for making artificial jewellery includes casting machine, hammer, plier, high-strength glue, needle, filing and polishing tools, forceps, scissors, cutting tools, etc.

The standard process for making artificial jewellery starts with the melting of the metal such as nickel, copper, pewter, brass, etc. The molten metal is then poured into predesigned molds to give it the desired shape. After this, various beads, glass, ceramic, artificial gemstones are glued to the metal. In the final step, the jewellery item is carefully brushed and polished to give it the required finish.

Where artificial jewellery is made
Developing countries such as India, China, Bangladesh, etc. are currently the leading manufacturers of artificial jewellery. These countries produce artificial jewellery for consumption within the country and for exports as well. With a booming fashion industry and wide array of clothing, artificial jewellery has emerged as the preferred choice for people. Many artificial jewellery production units are being run by self-employed people, especially women entrepreneurs. This is helping them to achieve financial independence. Artificial jewellery manufacturing is currently a lucrative sector, as demand for this form of jewellery is consistently growing.

The level of variety available with artificial jewellery is significantly more, as compared to standard jewellery. It goes well with both traditional and Western outfits and is suitable for formal, semi-formal and informal occasions.It's easy to maintain and repair and one doesn't have to worry about losing it, as it is quite affordable. With so many benefits, it's easy to see why artificial jewellery has become so popular globally.
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