Curves can help you pursue modelling career

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The plus size fashion has not only given a sense of great confidence to curvy women but also has helped them pursue their career in plus size modelling. Isn’t it amazing? Earlier curvy women were just asked to wear clothes like sacks to hide their curves but when plus size fashion entered fashion industry it changed the thought process of how people look at plus size women.

The plus size modelling industry is growing rapidly and inviting plus size women to be part of this industry. The kind of acceptance, demand and support for full figures that is increasing is something that no one ever would have thought of. So, if you are curvy women who thinks fashion likes to flaunt those curves then your curves can work for you. If you have dreamt being part of modelling sector, then plus size modelling industry is all set to embrace you.

This article would help you know more details about how to be a plus size model and answer some common question that you may have in mind.

Types of jobs one can expect as plus size models
The market for plus size ladies is incredible and diverse. You can find curvy models in magazines, catalogs, runways, TV commercials,editorials, print campaigns sponsored by popular brands and designers etc.  They also take up assignments for various showroom models or plus size costumes.

Physical requirements
As compared to other departments of modelling, plus size modelling is bit different as here the size is important as compared to perfect measurements. Ideally, models have perfect body proportions and have size 12. According to some standard rules, the waist normally should be 10 inches smaller in size than the hips. This is certainly not possible with every woman and it is just a standard guideline to follow.

As far as height requirements are concerned for plus size modelling it depends on the type of modelling. Normally fashion models have a height between 5’9” whereas fit models have 5’5 – 5’9” and as far as commercial models are concerned they can have any height.

If you are a plus size models, irrespective of the type of plus size modelling you need to possess good health, skin, teeth, hair, nails and last but not the least great confidence.

Can plus size models be part of high fashion domain
The high fashion has started welcoming women of any almost all sizes. You can see beautiful, confident and stunning curvy women on runways in popular fashion week like Mercedes Benz.

Plus size models one can follow and know about
If you have decided to enter plus size modelling, it is always better to d some research to find out about the super plus size models who created their identity in the plus size modelling. 

You can learn about Melissa Aronson, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn etc.

Are there any agencies in plus size modelling that can help me
Yes. You find a plenty of plus size modelling agencies all over the world that help plus size models. Such agencies are not only helping plus size models to have a great career ahead but also helped many to be superstars in the domain.

You can approach reputable model scouting services available online and submit your photos. As these agencies have connections with top modelling agencies you can get the right kick start you need in plus size modelling career.

Making portfolio would help
If you want to become a successful plus size model, then it is essential to have a nice portfolio. You can create one so that you can approach the modelling agencies with a relevant portfolio.

In case you are just a beginner and have no idea about the professional portfolio then don’t worry most companies understand your side. In case you don’t have a portfolio that would impress the modelling agencies then just be ready with a couple of good photographs.
Do not try and use heavy makeup when you pose for the photographs. Keep it simple. It is always better to have photographs in different costumes.

Go for open calls
Many new plus size models who are beginners often find open calling quite frightening may be because a large number of aspiring new models attending it. Well, do not shy away or get scared as it can be an overwhelming experience to see aspiring models like you.

Schedule an appointment
If you are willing to create your identity in plus size fashion modelling industry and love to face the camera then plus size modelling career is the right opportunity for you. Of course, the journey wouldn’t be easy and requires a lot of hard work.

Make sure you get in touch with different modelling agencies and try to schedule an appointment for an interview. This will help you resolve all your queries and clear your doubts about the various opportunities that you can discover in plus size modelling.

During a particular interview, make sure you sound confident, intelligent and sensible. Try to accept comments or criticism positively. Before you go for an interview through a fixed appointment, do not forget to carry a portfolio to help concerned person know about your skills and talent. Just be versatile and assure them that you can easily pull off almost any kind of look.

Stay healthy and exercise well
Staying healthy and fit is not just essential for fit models but is necessary for curvy models too. Make sure you stick to a healthy routine and follow it consistently. Your daily routine should include healthy meals, exercising and sound sleep. Make sure you take sufficient amount of water and fresh fruit juices that help you stay active and healthy.

Don’t give up

As fashion industry is becoming highly competitive and a lot of people are heading towards plus size modelling career you need to be equally competitive. You should not give up and accept rejection and criticism considering it as just a part of your wonderful journey.

Irrespective of the fact that plus size fashion industry is growing and giving opportunities to plus size models, the fashion industry the place where fit women get more opportunities. So, just follow your dreams and do not give up.

Look out for inspiration
In process of sailing through the process, you can get inspiration from successful models. Speak to them or read the blogs they often write and check out the videos posted by them. It will help you know about basic things like their daily activities, fitness regime and it will also give you a clear picture about how modelling world operates.

Understand yourself
This is yet another factor that you need to think over. It is better to ask yourself certain questions that help you understand yourself as an ambitious plus size model. If you are a beginner you need to answer certain questions honestly to yourself like do I have perfect height and weight to be a plus size model? Am I comfortable to pose naturally and without fear in front of the camera?Will I be able to sustain in modelling world?

It is not necessary for the models to be extremely beautiful for the jobs as your behaviour and personality is also important for attaining success as a model. In case you are not sure about how beautiful you are naturally then attributes like hair textures, unique teeth etc are also considered.

Stay in touch with modelling agencies
To have a bright career in plus size modelling you need to be in touch with the right plus size modelling agency. You need to do a little bit of research to find the right modelling agency. 

As more and more curvy woman are heading towards this career, there are many fake agencies too who can fool you and promise you a promising career in plus size modelling. Be aware of such agencies.

Remember, a genuine modelling agency would never ask you to pay any fees just to join their firm. You should search whether or not a modelling agency is genuine on the internet. You can also ask if your friends or colleagues working as models know about real agencies.

It is good to have a dream of becoming plus size model and working hard towards your mission would certainly give you desired results. As plus size fashion industry has re-invented plus size outfits altogether, there are more chances of preparing yourself for modelling events, fashion shows etc. Just be confident and try to give your best to be part of plus size modelling industry.

Try to keep things simple and do not fall in prey for modelling agencies that try to make false promises. Understand your aspirations and find the right modelling agencies that can give you a boost. Your confidence and will power can help you enjoy the glamour and position in modelling. The plus size industry is transforming and it is inviting you to join the process. Do not miss out on the opportunity and let the curves work for you.
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