Own a car without buying it

– Save a lot of money and enjoy the same perks
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What does it take to buy a car? It starts with the dream of freedom and convenience, the independence of the highway and the charm of a seamless daily commute. This dream then gets derailed by the prospect of a large down payment and the looming shadow of an EMI that will be there for years. Then of course, as the car gets older, the servicing needs will increase. But that doesn’t mean that one should give up on owning a car. It still remains the best choice for those who are looking to lift their lifestyle. The shared economy comes to the rescue in this case. Why do people have to own a car the traditional way when they get everything just by subscribing? And car subscription does not get better and more laden with perks than the Zoomcar Associate Program (ZAP).
A Savings boost – No down payment
Car subscription has given individuals and families across India a very massive financial boost. One can make a very long list of constructive things that can be done with down payment money. The few lakhs that would go to the car seller can instead be invested in a robust financial scheme to secure futures or it can go into electronics upgrades for the home and vacation. With car subscription, this becomes a reality. Say goodbye to the down payment and pick up the keys to the latest dream car – all at a flat monthly rate. Throw in free insurance in there too and the savings get a little bigger.
Great for car enthusiasts
Why are car enthusiasts very excited about the ZAP program? Imagine driving the newest hatchback in the market for six months, then moving on to a sturdy SUV for another six, and then shifting to a sleek sedan thereafter and so on. This may sound like something only a business tycoon’s heir can do but with car subscription, it is a possibility available at a simple monthly fee and short subscription tenure.
Hassle-free maintenance
There is another feature about ZAP that is making customers fall in love with the initiative. Maintenance is free. And that is not all. Subscribers do not need to do anything much to get the car serviced. A simple servicing request via the ZAP app is enough. The car will get picked up and a team of expert mechanics will give it a thorough servicing before it is returned in a very short time.
Make more money out of car subscription
As unbelievable as it may sound, ZAP allows users to rent out their vehicles when they are not using it so they can earn more money! The idea is very simple – just list the car on Zoomcar’s platforms for a certain designated period so others can use it. The payment is credited at the beginning of the month – helping lower the subscription fee.
These reasons above and the prospect of driving the latest cars should be enough to make smart aspiring individuals consider subscribing to a car. Zoomcar is a brand that is changing transport by keeping things simple and customer-friendly. Join the party and reap the benefits.
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