The cost of comfort

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The world was once traveling on road using horse carts. The scenario changed  when Ford brought his assembled motor car in the public domain in the year 1902. The popularity of the cars grew significantly because of the utility they offered to the public. Comfort and utility became the selling point for this invention. Since then, the number of cars has been increasing day by day on roads all over the world. However, the increased number is also responsible for causing air pollution.

What caused pollution to increase?
When the cars were few in number, the pollution emitted by them was at a negligible level. However, when the number of cars grew, the pollution emitted by them increased more than the safety levels of the environment. World experienced a significant increase in the levels of air pollution after the number of cars was growing at a rapid rate.

Bad effects of pollution
The increase in pollution caused by vehicles has adverse consequences on humans and the environment. The prime reason is that these vehicles run on fossil fuels that emit harmful gases when the fuel burns inside vehicle engines. Humans became subject to many respiratory diseases and allergies. The ecosystem had a loss of natural habitats of many species.  Pollution in the environment entered the food chain and caused damages to the food chain and disturbing the balance of nature.

Why not banning the vehicles?
If the results of using vehicles running on fossil fuels were so damaging to the nature, they should had been banned out rightly. Unfortunately, it never happened. The prime reason for this decision to continue using them was the absence of alternatives that can provide the same level of utility and comfort without polluting the environment.

Arrival of e-vehicles
When the world was traveling in vehicles running on fossil fuels, there were attempts to develop the alternatives. The closest alternative was to have vehicles that are powered by electricity to run their engines. Electricity is considered as a clean source of energy that will not cause any environmental pollution when use to power vehicle engines. The most successful of electrical vehicles of recent time is the E-rickshaw. Every battery rickshaw manufacturer in India is receiving a good demand for these e-vehicles. Even e-rickshaw dealers are securing a good profit for themselves. These vehicles proved that e-vehicles are not far away from replacing a conventional vehicles running on fossil fuels.

What the future holds?
The healthy future is only possible if people take care of the environment. Efforts are made by various governments to use electric vehicles instead of conventional vehicles. The presence of electric vehicles will increase on road in the near future.

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