Tips To Avoid Caked On Foundation For That Flawless Glow

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Almost all women share a love and hate relationship with the foundation as it brings along the dual aspects of creating a blemish-free, even-toned and flawless look which again might be tricky to nail if you don’t follow the right tactics. This is why it becomes absolutely essential to abide by a multi-pronged strategy if you wish to nail an au naturel base. Today we are going to take you through some expert tips which can be of tremendous help if you wish to win brownie points out of the foundation game.
  • The first step in avoiding cake face makeup is to start with a clean canvas since the effectiveness of your foundation depends entirely on the condition of your underneath skin. Thus, it becomes imperative to maintain a consistent skin care routine for radiating that flawless glow. You can prevent the clogging of pores and remove all the accumulated dirt which might be mattifying your natural radiance by cleansing your skin right before the application of foundation. Next comes the exfoliation process for sweeping away all dead and dry skin cells which are infamous for making your foundation look flaky or uneven. You can complete the skincare routine by applying moisturizer which can tag along a hydrating effect.
  • Although the application of a primer might serve as an additional step in your makeup routine, it can actually go a long way for ensuring the flawless nature of your foundation as it blends smoothly into your skin surface. Your ultimate goal here is to avoid cake face makeup and you can do the same by catering to skin concerns such as dullness, redness and uneven pigmentation by using a colour correcting primer which can also even out your skin tone.
  • When it comes to the application of foundation, you should always start with a bare minimum and keep on adding more unless you nail the right amount of coverage. The secret here lies in applying foundation only when you require the same to retain the natural glow of your skin. At the end of the day nothing can look worse than going to a party with cake face makeup.
  • While applying foundation, you need to concentrate it in the centre of your face since blemishes and redness tend to be more problematic in this zone. You need to dab some foundation on both the sides of your nose as well as the centre of your forehead which then needs to be blended outwards. Once you are done with its blending, you need to pinpoint those facial zones where blemishes are still visible for applying an additional layer of light foundation in the same.
  • Whether you are using your fingertips or a fluffy foundation brush, it is always advisable to stick to a stippling motion for applying the foundation to tap it gently into your skin. Rubbing or wiping motions need to be avoided at all cost since they might cause streaks by pushing the foundation around and lead to cake face makeup. It is advisable to gently press foundation into the skin as the warmth of your fingertips can make the foundation melt into your skin for appearing as one.
  • You also need to pay attention to your ears while applying foundation especially if you are prone to red lobes. For this you need to sweep your foundation brush lightly over your ear lobes for blending it seamlessly with your remaining face.
  • Matte based face powder is infamous for creating cake face makeup making it imperative to dust a silky loose setting powder over your foundation. This will ensure that your foundation doesn’t budge without dimming down your radiance. For this you will need to dip a fluffy brush into the powder and then shake away excess amount so that you can easily make out the bristles through the powder. This needs to be swept lightly across your face by using a heavier hand on areas which have a tendency of getting shiny such as your chin, T-zone and under eyes if felt necessary.
  • Once you are done with the foundation routine, if you feel that its effect is not enough in covering up certain blemishes, then you need to dab some concealer over the same and blend it well.
  • If you have a tendency of developing fine lines, then you need to first apply color correctors wherever required and follow it up with a layer of foundation all over your face. This expert prescribed tactic can prove to be exceptionally helpful in taking away all signs of redness even if your skin is prone to breakouts and has an uneven tone. This step has to be followed with the application of a concealer which can impart the requisite finishing touch rather than crumbling under the pressure of having to cover it all up.
  • Concealer coverage needs to be doubled up if you wish to hide your dark circles on a daily basis. You can apply some concealer under your eyes prior to applying your base makeup.
The ideal shade of foundation can be figured out easily by conducting the three-swipe test. You might be required to swipe all shades along your jawline or cheek if you are between a few shades for understanding which one blends seamlessly into your skin tone.
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