Tips to choose earrings that match your face shape

jewellery sexy hollywood girls (jhumka earrings online shopping & artificial kundan jewellery online ) : Every woman is born with a distinct set of facial features. From the eyes, face shape to cheekbones; each feature varies from one woman to the other. Your sense of clothing and jewelry should be dictated as much by your face shape as your taste. Jewelry complements differently for a woman with round face and one with a diamond shaped face. If you wish to draw those admiring gazes, then it is important to wear jewelry that looks best on your face shape. With that intent in mind, let us give you a general guidance on what jewelry to wear.

#1: Round Face
If you have a round shaped face than those danglers are made for you. Dangling designs create an illusion of length and that augers well for your looks. Other earrings that float below your chin would also work nicely. But do not wear the Chandeliers as they would look too flat for your face shape.

#2: Oval Face
Your face shape is visibly the opposite of round faces. So, your earrings should balance with your long face. Earrings that widen at the bottom or contain large studs, curves or circles are perfect for your type of face. Oval and teardrop earrings look awesome for this face style. You can also wear those Chandeliers on special occasions.

#3: Rectangular Face
Tour face is basically oval in shape and has an angular jawline. The jewelry you wear should soften the bone structure, so round ornaments would be a good choice. Shop for earrings that have curves, wide circles and teardrops. On the contrary, avoid earrings that come with strong lines and corners. Elongated danglers and hoops would look beautiful on you.

#4: Heart shaped Face
The standout feature of your face shape is a broad forehead and a sharp chin. To balance these features, you have to look for earrings that have elongated curves. Trendy earrings such as teardrops, dangles and chandeliers would look good.

#5: Diamond shaped Face
The beauty of a diamond shaped face lies in the high cheekbones. Characterized by a sharp chin, small forehead and high cheekbones, you have the most earring friendly face shape. Most types of earrings would look good on you. However, for best outcomes look for earrings that have wide bottoms, curves, elongated dangles and teardrop styles.

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