To 3 Ways to Fix Corrupt OST file of Outlook 2016

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“I do not know the exact reason behind the corruption in my Outlook OST file. I guess it is either because of large size OST file or due to some virus attack but I am not sure about the reason. Therefore, I am here and posting this query to know all possible reasons that can corrupt OST file of Outlook 2016. In addition, looking for some quick fixes also. If anybody has knowledge related to same, please suggest.”

You are also having a similar query? Worried about the solution? Do not know how to fix corrupt OST file of Outlook 2016? Get rid of this problem quickly by checking out the amazing troubleshooting methods discussed in this post.

No doubt, OST file is really important for the users who work in connection with Exchange Server or works in offline mode. Thus, when it gets corrupted, it becomes trouble for the user to access it and recovery is not easy always. As it stores lots of important data, so it is necessary to repair corrupt OST file as soon as possible.

How Actually Outlook 2016 OST File Gets Damaged?
In general, there can be many possible reasons that can result corruption in OST file, including hardware and software reasons both. Major ones of them are discussed below:
Power or Network Failure: In some situations, there is a sudden power loss and at that point of time, Outlook was in running condition. This might leads to corruption in Outlook OST file. It is because there might be some synchronization issue that badly affects OST file. In addition, if there is some issue in the network connection during the synchronization process, it leads to corruption in OST file.

Issue in Outlook Application: Another possible reason behind this is when there is some interruption because of Outlook program only. There might be some deficiency in Outlook program due to which sometimes there is an abnormal termination of Outlook, data file size limit exceeds, etc.

Installed Plug-ins: The problem can be because of add-ins installed with Outlook. In order to confirm the same, disable all add-ins one by one and check which one is creating issue.

Virus or Malware Attack: If there is some virus or malware attack on the local machine, then also there is a chance that Outlook data file get corrupted. 

All Possible Ways to Know How to Fix Corrupt OST File of Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010
In order to overcome the corruption issues in OST file, there are some workarounds available that one can try. Here, both manual and professional way of fixing corrupt OST file are discussed.

Method #1: Renew OST file of Outlook 2016
It is clear that OST file maintains the copy of Exchange Mailbox data so backing it up is not necessary. Therefore, a user is allowed to renew old OST file whenever it get corrupted. This might help to Repair damaged OST file quickly.

Barrier: In case of large OST file or slow internet connection, a user is unable to regenerate OST file.

Method #2: By Using Inbuilt Utility to Repair Damaged OST file Depending on the version of Outlook, Microsoft offers free inbuilt tools to deal with Outlook data file issue.
  • SCANOST.EXE to Fix Corrupt OST File of Outlook 2007 & Below
It is available in Outlook 2007 and below version to deal with problems of OST file. It is referred as Integrity Check tool also. It was designed with motive to repair corrupt OST file but from Outlook 2010 it is replaced by scanpst.exe.

Steps to be followed:
1. Close Microsoft Outlook application
2. Locate scanost.exe application on the system Note: Location of scanost.exe varies from version to version of Outlook
3. Right-click on it and choose Run it as Administrator option
4. Select the profile that contains damaged OST file
5. Now, you need to choose the folder that you want to scan or select Scan All Folder option
6. Here, you need to check the Repair errors checkbox in order to resolve the issue
7. Click on Begin Scan option to start the scanning process
8. When the scanning process completed, “OST repaired successfully” message will appear on the screen. Click OK button and finish the task.

Barrier: Deal with minor level of corruption issues only in OST file. In addition, not available in latest version of Outlook.

SCANPST.EXE to Fix Corrupt OST file of Outlook 2016 / 2013
In Outlook 2007 and above versions, a user can take help of scanpst.exe inbuilt utility to deal with OST and PST file issue. It is also referred as Inbox Repair tool. It is capable to repair both OST and PST file of Outlook. Like scanost.exe, it’s location also varies from version to version of Outlook. Barrier: In some cases, scanpst.exe is unable to analyze OST file or Exchange Mailbox data. In addition, it basically locates errors found in OST file and tries to fix. However, it is unable to deal major level of corruption issues.

Method #3: Automated Solution to Fix Corrupt OST file of Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 /
When any of the above-discussed methods is unable to fix corrupt OST file of Outlook 2016, take help of a professional solution. OST Data Recovery software is one such application that is designed to deal with all type of corruption issues from OST file. It is capable to recover permanently deleted data from OST file. Moreover, a user can repair damaged and orphan OST file also in just a few simple clicks. It supports all version of Microsoft Outlook and Windows OS.

Let’s Wind Up
While working the Microsoft Outlook application, the most unpredictable thing is corruption. In addition, whenever there is corruption in Outlook data file, it degrades the performance or makes it completely inaccessible. Thus, it is important to fix corrupt OST file of Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 and below versions. Keeping this requirement of users in mind, multiple methods are explained above with all pros and cons. One can go through them and make a right move accordingly.
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