All about Interior Designing – A Guide

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In this decade, we have seen great growth in the number of people who have shown their interest in the field of Interior designing. The reason behind all this is the simple fact that the Industry of Interior designing is growing at an exponential rate.

Thus, it is natural that it will attract a lot of people who see a career path which is still in its developing phase. This is what leaves a room for constant improvement all the time.

So, if you are also looking forward to building a career as an Interior designer but lack knowledge on the same topic then this article will help you a lot. With that being said, let's start without further ado.

What is the job of an Interior Designer?
It is a quite confusing concept as what does an Interior designer do. The reason behind this is that Interior designer has a very broad scope in which they work. The aspects they deal with can be anything from a floor plan to a bedroom design and from taking care of soft furnishing to building a modular kitchen.

Why is the demand for Interior designer high?
In India, the demand for Interior designers has grown exponentially and the reason behind this is the change of trends and the mindset of people. Unlike the old days, people are now quite conscious about how their houses look like.

This is why they are in a need of Interior designers who can help them to bring back the charm by making the house trendy again.

Not just the celebrities but common people are also asking for the assistant of designers these days. So, even for a fresher, there is a great scope of earning money and moving up the chronology slowly.

What are the charges of Interior designing in India?
In India, the charges of Interior designer vary from the level of their expertise. Suppose, if you hire an interior designer who is kind of new to the industry, then you are looking at something between 1.5 lakh to 3 lakh per flat.

Also, the average rate of a prefabricated 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat will cost you anything between 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs. Also, the fact that the material to be used is up to you, the prices can vary from high to low.

What does an Interior designer specialize in?
An interior designer is a skilled professional who have quite a number of skills up their sleeves. Following are some of the factors that you can see in an Interior designer.
  • Communication skills: Interior designers are a great communicator. This is one of their fundamental traits as they need it quite frequently in their projects.
The reason of its importance is that most of the time, the client does not know what actually he is looking for and so, with the help of communication skills they get the desired information from their clientele.
  • Effective budget makers: One of the most common traits of an interior designer is that they are great at making budgets. They can cut the cost of your project effectively by offering just a look at your needs.
  • Expert in placement art: You must have heard the terms like Vastu Shastra and Feng shui. These are two of the most common sciences which helps in the production of positive vibes by the help of placing the right household articles in the right place.
An Interior designer is an expert of these arts as most of the client look out for these things in their finished apartment and houses.
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