Best time to visit Bali and why Bali will be best for Honeymooner

Many of you who are at the doors of marriage will have been a dilemma before the wedding: choose your honeymoon. It may be that you do not agree because no destination fully meets your expectations. Like most couples, it also happened to us. Fortunately, we are fully successful. We chose Bali as an exotic island away from Europe that fit our budget, for having an ideal climate in August, for its tourist safety in these troubled times and for the combination of millenary culture with relaxation possibilities and adventure activities. We are going to tell you why our honeymoon in Bali was unforgettable and why you should consider this wonderful Indonesian island as a good option for your honeymoon.  Also take benefits of Bali tour packages before visit to Bali.
  1. Because it is a romantic destination, ideal for couples
One of the attractions of the trip for many couples is getting married by the Balinese rite, as did Alejandro Sanz or Mick Jagger. Besides expensive, it was not for us, because we would have died of shame. In any case, we find a magical island that is enjoyed more intensely as a couple staying in a private villa of traditional architecture, dining under the light of the stars on the beach or watching the stunning sunsets of Bali.
  1. Because the infrastructure of the island is purely touristy
Bali is one of the main tourist destinations in the world, with more than 4 million foreign visitors in 2016, so its hotel offer is wide and varied, there are local excursion companies everywhere, transportation is very cheap and out of the luxury hotels eating is thrown away.
  1. Because you can easily organize the trip on your own
Of the prices that the travel agencies gave us for an organized tour, we saved up to 40% for designing it in our own way. It is true that we spent a lot of time reading hotel reviews, looking for guide-guides in forums or selecting the temples and excursions we wanted to do. On the other hand, we gain much more by travelling independently: we do not follow the tour guide like a sheep wherever he takes us, we save ourselves from getting up early and enjoying our lodgings as much as possible, we avoid entering the specific souvenir shops where Agency guides make their "strategic" stops and take out their commissions. Also it will be cheap to visit Bali with help of Bali holiday package.
  1. Because Bali offers excellent value for money
Few places in the world have found to date where receptionists, waiters or salespeople are  so attentive and friendly . In the hotels where we stayed, they fixed the room twice a day and in the majority of restaurants we were served by two or three waiters. And truly what you will pay is laughably cheap for the service received.
  1. Because the dry season is from July to September
If you travel during the European summer, the rains in Bali are practically nonexistent. Yes, prices rise because it is high season due to the massive arrival of European, American and Australian tourists. At any time of the year, Bali enjoys a mild tropical climate, very pleasant , nothing suffocating as in Singapore or Bangkok.
Best time to visit Bali and why Bali will be best for Honeymooner Best time to visit Bali and why Bali will be best for Honeymooner Reviewed by GlamourTreat on 21:15:00 Rating: 5
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