Say goodbye to all your skin problems with this unique AI based dermatology app – CureSkin


It is very rare these days that you know of someone who has no skin related concerns at all. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle and careless food habits, most of us today are struggling with some or the other kind of skin related issues, be it acne, pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, etc. And we have all been guilty of experimenting with innumerous skincare products but didn’t notice any significant results. The main problem with skin care is that most of us just see it from a superficial level, whereas the actual treatment lies underneath. Skincare issues need a very specific approach, like increasing water intake, avoiding junk/oily food, etc. Basically adopting a better lifestyle than just experimenting with different products.

We recently came across a very interesting mobile application – CureSkin, an AI based skincare app that guarantees effective results for all your skin problems.  This is first of its kind app that uses the AI technology to treat skin problems through personalized and effective skin care regimen for its users. To ensure that the user gets the best regimen, there is a panel of dermatologists as well who guides the users and checks the progress at regular intervals. In a nutshell, they become your personal dermatologist with whom you can discuss your skin issues and clarify any doubt that you might have regarding your problems or the suggested skin care regimen. All of this at a super affordable price including consultation and free follow-ups with the designated dermatologist.

Funding details of CureSkin
Headquartered in Silicon Valley (California, USA) and Bangalore (India), CureSkin was registered in India in January 2017. The startup has already raised $1M funding from prominent silicon valley venture capitalists like Khosla Ventures, YCombinator etc.

CureSkin’s future plans
With a relatively small team behind this innovative and successfully running B2C startup, CureSkin has received super positive feedback from its early adopters and is now expanding to the mainstream audience within the target group of women aged between 20-40. The company witnessed 100X growth in its first year of launching its personalised treatment kits – 2018. Five years down the line, CureSkin expects to capture the 100M user-base who are suffering from common derma concerns and becomes their one-stop solution shop for all derma care requirements.

AI and skincare – A revolutionary idea
While we have been seeing a new tech startups coming up almost everyday with AI support, this is the first time that we saw the adoption of AI in the dermatology sector. This is indeed going to a very innovative step towards acquiring better precision in diagnosis and treatment. This is just the beginning of it, and with time we are surely going to be left speechless with the wonders of AI in this sector.
Say goodbye to all your skin problems with this unique AI based dermatology app – CureSkin Say goodbye to all your skin problems with this unique AI based dermatology app – CureSkin Reviewed by GlamourTreat on 04:18:00 Rating: 5
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