Ways to get rid of Monday Blues

‘Weekend’s over, and Monday’s back, AGAIN!’ Getting up early in the morning, leaving behind your warm comfy bed and going back to work literally gives me that nauseating feeling. Does it happen to you too? Trust me, when I say ‘I get it.’ Monday Blues bother me too.

There is a complete lack of passion and motivation seems to have lost somewhere. Thinking about punching data and numbers into the computers somewhat feels like dealing with the zombies. Whereas there are those people whom you more often than not address as ‘workaholics’ seem to be just so dedicated to their work, get you even more annoyed and you find yourself wondering that how do they just manage their ‘MONDAY BLUES”(as they say) so excellently.
monday blues
Well, I’m here to your rescue. I have got the 5 best ways to deal with your Monday Blues.
5 ways to deal with Monday Blues
  1. Start with self- analysis: Does the beginning of your working day triggers in you the feelings of anxiety, stress or sadness? Is there a constant lack of motivation mostly on Monday mornings? If you find yourself affirmative to these questions you probably are facing ‘Monday Blues.’ Hence, self-analysis is the very first step to get rid of this situation.
  2. a) Do you like your job or does your interest lie in a different job role?
  3. b) Are you comfortable in your work environment?
  4. c) Are you being undervalued by your boss?
  5. d) Is your personal life bothering your state of peace and sanity of mind at work?
In order to deal with your current situation, you need to first figure out what is exactly that is troubling you. To correct what’s wrong in your way and to keep the temperament of ‘Monday Blues’ at bay begin with a self -assessment.
  1. Now list your Favourites: Begin with writing about all the things that you love about your job (using a pen and paper is much preferable). By doing this simple activity, it will help you clear your mind about the things that are worth it about your job and will also help you in understanding your job role in a much more defined way.
  2. Weekends are meant to disconnect: Give your weekends completely to yourself by simply disconnecting from work entirely. Break bonds (temporarily of course) from your job-related e-mails configured on your phone devices. Completely blocking out work on weekends will help you feel more confident on Mondays.
  3. Sleep well: Just as your body, your mind needs proper rest too. To which sleep is the answer. To feel refreshed every day and full of zeal get 7-8 hours of complete rest. Especially, on Sunday nights keep your schedule void, so that you’re well rested on Monday mornings.
  4. Lessen the things on To-do-list: For Mondays, try keeping your to-do-list light. Mostly try concentrating on the important works. It will help you remain dedicated to your work, and once you’ve achieved the target for the day and take a break.
I hope the above-listed ways help you in getting rid of your Monday Blues. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy their work and achieve that forever desired “Best Employee of the Month” tag!

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