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Erangle Map in Pubg is not a small map, even if you play this game over 100 times. However, sometime this map might feel like second to nature to you. The designs of buildings are quite similar and with trees all around you might get lost easily in the map. On top of this, if you land in a location that is far away from the safe zone, then what will you do? The best solution for you is to find a suitable location and vehicle in the Pubg Map.
  • Military Base –This is my favourite location to drop in Pubg as I get best loot there. Whenever, I land in Military base, I was able to find bolt-action sniper rifle such as KAR 98, M24 and even flare gun in three houses with U-shape. If Military base comes under the flight path, then expect landing of multiple teams. So, get ready to fight with them. If no one is landed in this location then you can loot easily without worrying about your opponent. Once you completed your loot, you can find a vehicle and go to the safe zone. Moreover, I advise you to beware of bridge tolls as some people might be waiting to kill you. So, I advise you to go by Boat to avoid bridge camping. However, if you want to download latest games in detail then visit this website.
  • Mylta Power –You will find this location on the edge of the map. Moreover, you will find top-level loot there and especially, in the green building. You can find snipers in the surrounding warehouses. If you land with your squad then each member of your squad can get sufficient loot for an entire match. As a bonus, you might get flare gun sometime. Moreover, if you are out of safe zone, then finding a vehicle might be a difficult task.
  • Small Mylta Power –If you go to the west of Mylta Power, you will find another mylta there.It is a cement building, with only one main building. There, you will find top quality loot in small number. However, this location is suitable if you are playing Pubg as solo or Duo.
  • School and Hospital –In these two locations, you will find loots in huge amounts, but the quality is at mid-level.Instead of assault rifles, maximum time you will find SMG’s. School is currently one of the most popular locations for you to land, as other player land, when the plane goes from the top of it. Moreover, Hospital is great and you will find it to the right on the edge of your Erangle Map.
  • Georgopol Crates –If you don’t like to loot from buildings and houses, then Georgopool creates are there for you. There are multiple crates with loot on top of them. Along with the crates, there are several warehouses in Geeorgopool. You will find these large crates to thesouth of the river,north of the mountains. You can find very high level loot on the crates and warehouses. This place is known as hot zone where most users land from a server. In this location, if you don’t have a gun after landing then you might die instantly. So, I recommend you to find a gun as soon as you land on this location. Otherwise, get ready to die.
  • Prison, Mansion, and Bunker –If you want to loot peacefully, then the trio of Prison, Mansion and bunker is good option for you. There, you will find good amount of loot and that to without worrying about your enemies.
  • Large towns –Other locations such as Lipovka,Novoreponye, Lipovka, Pochinki, YasnayaPolyana, Primorsk, and Severnyall are good but quite dangerous to loot.

Key Points about Pubg Map:

  • A lot of players already know that different areas in Erangle map has different spawn rate for vehicles, weapons, and loot. However, it's good to keep in mind that if you plan accordingly, better loot is guaranteed at different set of locations.
  • Out of those high loot-spawning parts of the map, you will find some specific locations that can spawn guns and weapons in high amounts. So, priories a high-risk location whereyou can land in the Erangle Map.
  • When you are ejected from the plane, in the large circle you can glide up to 1.25 kilometres from the flight path of plane to the point your parachute triggers automatically. However, since the latest pubg update in December 2018, some new parachuting mechanics are introduced. Now, it is possible for you to cover long distances by gliding your parachute using your controls.
Use right mouse-button to drop markers on the map. These drop markers are useful for coordinating with your squad. Additionally, you can use them to keep track of your personal target destination. The compass also uses specific numbers for more precise directional tracking, which should again be used for calling out enemy or point-of-interest locations with a team.
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