How to Advertise the Commercial Properties?


The simplest way of marketing a commercial property for rent in Dubai is putting a sign in front of the property. Besides, there are many other significant dimensions to a marketing program that inexperienced sellers don't realize.

While marketing a property, the owner should be as involved as he or she wants to be. Keep in mind! The more attention paid to the detail, the better. By hiring a broker, you're able to sell it faster, get more profit on the sale and be relieved of a lot of stress. When it comes to advertising your commercial property to investors, bankers and real estate professionals, you need more than erecting a sign on the property and hoping that the prospective buyers will contact.

In this fast-paced world, it's imperative to implement a combination of traditional as well as online advertising to create the most interest. , begin with pinpointing your target market for the property you are willing to sell so your message appeals to the target audience. Here're a few useful tips that will help you promote a commercial real estate. So let's dive in;

Post Online
While going for online options, posting listings of your commercial property online allows you to reach a large audience. is the most popular website for that. You can use this to attract the local sellers, and your listing will also be limited to a certain geographic area. To attract a bigger audience like from the whole nation, you can post the listings on popular commercial listing sites like, Exelligent and Costar etc.

Send Email
Inevitably, email marketing is one of the most effective mediums of marketing any product or service. So you can send the email marketing messages to your database in order to let the brokers & buyers know that the property is available. To make it more legitimate, you can add photos of the property as well as interior images of the various offices. Make sure you list the amenities of both the property & local area.

Moreover, you should also provide the link to your website, so the interested people are able to get all the details including the contact person. With this, you can also encourage referrals by offering a finder’s fee to people who introduced you to the ultimate buyer.

Update Your Website
When it comes to advertising the commercial property online, it's imperative to add lots of interior & exterior photos of the commercial real estate you want to sell on your site. Make sure you list the features & amenities of the property that includes available utilities, unit sizes, parking and access from various routes.

Elaborate further that what makes the property so great and attractive with regards to the regional amenities like nearby shopping areas & malls, transportation, access to the office building and natural features. Most importantly, make it easy for buyers to contact you through phone or email by posting the contact information on all pages of your website.

Develop Print Ads
Apart from online mediums, you can also get benefited with print ads. If you publish the ads in journals or real estate magazines that showcase the commercial properties, you'll be able to market your property in front of Investors who want to buy in your area.

It's better to look for regional magazines that cover the relevant listings and spread your word out to just the right audience. If your properties appeal to people living in a particular urban area, you'll not only get the relevant leads but also be able to close the deal with the right buyer.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Go for it only if you’re serious. When it comes to promoting the commercial properties for rent in Dubai, Google Adwords Pay-per-Click advertising has got the huge potential to get you quality leads. It won’t be just vague inquiries, but the best quality leads that you’ll be able to close if the buyer is impressed and interested in buying.
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