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When it comes to a mobile, it offers a number of activities to be performed but one thing that people suffer is the ability to withstand the battery and to plug them. Every mobile phone will not consume equal battery at equal and works in the same manner. The consumption of the mobile battery completely depends on how you handle them. Here are certain tips that help you to save your mobile phone battery. This also becomes the reason to visit the smart phone repair shop often.

Lower the level of brightness
One of the important aspect and the reason when your battery drains faster is due to the high brightness that you have. It is also better to have auto brightness option since the mobile itself will be able to control the brightness. More importantly, it is important in the mobiles that have screen repair since the damage may affect the brightness.

Based on the applications that you use
The apps that are heavy on the audio or graphic may consume high battery. In particular, the games that contain ads are the right sources to drain the battery. Most o the time people use the app and they just not close them instead they minimize this may not appear on the screen but they will be running behind. To avoid them close them aft your use.

Use battery saving apps
Some you may that your battery is draining faster even after uninstalling the apps. There are certain battery saving apps and you can down them from the play store. Try using them for a few days if you can find good results you can continue with them.

Turn off the Wi-Fi connection
When the Wi-Fi connection is turned on in your mobile there high chances to drain down the battery soon. When they are on it will automatically connect to the nearest Wi-Fi signal, this can be cost efficient but at the same time, they are also the important factor to drain the battery.

Turn on the Airplane Mode
The airplane feature available in your mode is not only using them when you are flying in the sky. It is also for the time when you don’t make calls, receive calls, do not access net, send or receive text messages, turning on the airplane mode is the better option that saves your battery highly.

Fetch your Email
Your phone will be continuously checking the new emails and it this leads to run out of steam pretty quickly. You can give you phone sometimes of break you can make an appropriate setting and stop all time fetching to save battery.

Minimize the push notification apps
There are cases where you mobile drain battery too quickly as the result of pop up messages. 

When there are often certain notifications there are high chances to drain off quickly.

Even when there are any needs for changing the battery you need certain measured to be carried out. Choose the best mobile phone repair shop to change the batter. Also, insist them to have the best battery since the right battery is important for the long life of the mobile phone. 
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