The Various Types of Makeup Brushes Every Beginner Makeup Artist Should Own

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Are you quite obsessed with the very idea of contouring and sculpting your face like your favorite celebrity and carrying the coolest look while you storm the streetscape? If you are a makeup aficionado and it is just now that you decided to master the art of makeup, then get the best makeup equipment to pamper your face! Do you have the right makeup swords and tools to transform the way you look? It is a commonly known fact that one needs to change their makeup application every now and then.

It takes a bit of more efficiency to dapple the mesmeric shades of a beautiful makeup product on your face, such as the wonderful crafted foundations to create a better finishing effect on your face, and it marks even the way you pick up and deposit the product, depending whether you distribute it evenly or scatter it in an unsightly fashion! However, it is not really necessary to buy loads of luxuriously priced makeup tools such as brushes and one can always opt for the relatively inexpensive stuff.

To make all this sound a less perplexing, being an accomplished makeup artist residing in London, I’ve listed down some of the fundamental types of makeup brushes any makeup apprentice or beginner should own.

So, are you ready to step into the revolutionary realm of makeup?
Here’s a list of the most fundamental makeup brushes for the newbie makeup artists or the beginners.
  • The Foundation Brush
A good foundation brush helps you create an impeccable base for your makeup regimen.
There are various types of foundation makeup brushes that are commonly used these days by almost every other makeup artist. One main foundation brush is the flat foundation brush, which is used for buffering a generous amount of a liquid, cream or a cosmetic powder using a good foundation brush. I mostly use these buffering brushes to create a finely blended layer of makeup on my face to give an even look. These nimbly designed brushes give you the most flawless, contoured appearance due to the smoothest blending of foundations and creams.
  • The Powder Brush
Another makeup brush that you must have in your vanity kit is the all-around powder brush. This is used to dust the face by dipping in the muskily scented face powder from the makeup box and all that you need to do is to sprinkle it slightly before application. Though I keep a minutely sized brush only, you must use a powder brush that adeptly suits the proportions of my face.
  • The Blush Brush
When choosing a good blush brush, take a good note of the bristles, it should be neither too firm as it will deposit the product in heavier amounts of concentrations, therefore giving you a gay pop of color on your cheeks. Therefore, it should be able to bend faintly and be a bit softer to create a finely distributed blusher application.
  • The Contour Brush
  A good contour brush imparts a sculpted look to your face without the formation of the harsh lines.
  • The Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush
It’s a great idea to keep a generic fluffy eye brush in your vanity kit which is used to deposit the eyeshadow product on your lids and blend it. I have a few couple of these kinds of makeup brushes in my vanity kit because I always find them useful, especially as an extra blending brush to beautify the eyes.
  • The Blending Brush
The splendor of having a proper blending brush is that you can blend away the harsh lines created by you accidentally in an efficient manner, and create a fine blending of the eye-shadow pigments in a premediated manner. Try not to use any bristles of the blending brush that are made of synthetic fiber and use the made from real hair.
  • The Crease Brush
A crease brush is an eye makeup brush that deposits pigments on the crease portion of the eye. It might get a little tougher to apply a concentrated amount of product in the crease because of the very thin space near the eyes.
  • The Angled Eyeliner Brush
Angled liner brushes are kinds of makeup brushes that have flatter and finer contact points. It can pick up cream or liquid products easily, making it handier to apply. I always prefer to use the angled liner brush to create a perfect winged look to fill up the line on the upper lash, as it imparts a better control of the product due to the angle shaped edge. One big tool is which one must use for the grooming of the eyebrows is an angled eyeliner brush, which is used to comb the eyebrow hair and brush them, filling them from above the brow line. This gives a very natural look to the eyes and one can never predict if someone actually used any makeup technique to glorify their beauty.

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