Ways to Keep Fungal Infections in your Hair at Bay

hair fungal infection

The blissful mornings of wet window panes, aromatic smell of the mud while sipping a hot cup of coffee along with a mesmerising view of lush green trees. As a little child, we would always want to skip school to enjoy the rainy weather while splashing water on each other and jumping into those little puddles. These indelible memories of the ever longing monsoon season will always be stuck into our minds.

As happy as the monsoon seems to the children, only mothers have to deal with its repercussions. The children always fail to understand the need of a hair wash and a shower after they have had one in the rain.

The excessive content of acid in the rain water and escalation of moisture content in the atmosphere makes it worse as it gives rise to unwanted bacterial and fungal infections in your hair. The excessive humidity causes fungal infections to breach into your scalp causing problems like irritation, stickiness, itchiness and dandruff in you scalp.

Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Founder, Dr. A’s Clinic has rolled out some tips to prevent your hair from fungal infection during monsoon:
  1. The best weather to go short with you hair is monsoon. Short hair are easy to manage and can be modulated easily and reduces the hassle of their proper maintenance.
  2. Nothing as beneficial as an oil massage. Oil seeps in through your hair follicles and nourishes your scalp. It prevents you from several infections and enriches you scalp while keeping your strong and healthy.
  3. Staying away from heating tools is the best way to keep healthy during monsoons. Blow dryers, curling rods, hair straighteners could be the biggest enemy for your hair. Stay away, stay vigorous!
  4. During monsoon, avoid getting wet in the rain. Added moisture in the scalp can cause infections so make sure you always carry your umbrella with you.
  5. Wash your hair at least twice a week and condition them too. It helps to fight frizz and ensure that proper nutrients reach your hair for its proper development and supplementation.
  6. Eat proper food like spinach, eggs, tomatoes, avocado, carrot and walnuts.
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