Weight Loss Meal Plans To Get You Going In The Right Direction


Proper dieting and weight loss is about not going overboard and trying to do too much too fast. Realistic guidelines and expectations must be in place, and you still want to enjoy your food. In fact, if you really approach dieting the right way, making simple lifestyle changes, you will enjoy your food even more. Let’s look at some real weight loss meal plans that will get you started.

People make themselves miserable when it comes to food, and they don’t even realize it until afterward. The key is not to satisfy the carnivorous and self gratifying nature that erupts, but to put it in check and enjoy the satisfied feeling that comes along once you have done so. That being said, it’s time to look at the first meal plan. While it is more of a way of thinking, these meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner will get you started.

People don’t eat enough fruit. With the breakfast I’m going to suggest, you not only get your fruit, but you get it first thing in the morning. Pick a favorite fruit, grab some low-fat or Greek yogurt, mix them together and add some granola. The health benefits of this meal can’t be stressed enough. An entire article could be written about this meal.

Make sure you pick a healthy yet delicious granola cereal. You are going to get the grains and fiber you need, and the yogurt is packed with nutrients, including so many healthy antioxidants. It is amazing what the right breakfast on a daily basis can do for your body.

For lunch, you might be expecting me to tell you to cook something. You certainly can, but I’m going to give you a lunch idea that can be used over and over again in different ways. 

Also, not many people have time to cook lunch. They have to stay busy, and perhaps you do, too. That’s okay because you will be cooking dinner if you go with my suggestions.
For lunch, think sandwiches. Now, to get all of the benefits from eating sandwiches as part of your weight loss plan, you need to make the right sandwiches. You need the right bread, and honestly, many of the healthy and nutritious breads taste better than the cheap white breads anyway. Again, you get your healthy grains, and you are going to add a delicious meat of your choice.

You also get to pick a cheese, and make it a special cheese from the deli. Next, add vegetables to that sandwich, perhaps lettuce and tomato. Watch what sauce you use. Mustard of some type if a good suggestion, but not everyone likes mustard. What you can do is look at sauces of different types and pick a healthy one. If mayo is your choice, go with a low-fat mayo of course.

I told you that you were going to enjoy your food. For dinner, pick a meat, two vegetables, a bread and a fruit for dessert. If you want to make the dessert extra special, put the fruit in some yogurt again. There are other ideas, too, and you will get creative with the right mindset. And for the first night, choose steak as the meat and why not have a baked potato?
You see, weight loss meal plans can be fun and quite tasty. Watch those red meat servings, and cook chicken, pork and fish to shake things up. There are also many more involved recipes to try, but this was a really carefully crafted meal plan design to get you started.

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