5 Tips on Renting a Flat in London

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Moving to London? Or going to London for further studies? Renting a home in London is the most important thing which is nerve racking as well. As finding the perfect home within your budget, close to your university and more importantly safe and comfortable as your home country needs time and efforts.

If you have never been to London, it will be very tough to find out as where to look for rental home and what all you need to do to stay in vibrant city. Here are some tips to keep in mind while renting flat in London-
  1. How to find a rental property-
The foremost question is to how to find a rental home. It is easy to find perfect place to rent as most properties are listed online. However, with such a huge selection to choose from, it becomes difficult to select one. You need to check out many aspects before finalizing a place as to your budget, travelling frequency, your college or university location, etc. It is advisable to hire services of letting agents who are specialized in renting. You can tell them all of your requirements, and they will help you with the best property suggestions.
  1. Location-
Choose your area of living wisely in terms of travelling as well as in terms of budget. How long it will take you to reach? How far it is from your school or college? Is there any means of transport to commute? Is public transport is within easy reach?  Consider these points before choosing a location. Check for local facilities and safety issues as well for the place where you are planning to rent a home.
  1. Budget-
How much you can afford to spend is important, plan your budget accordingly. Act wisely as location you are selecting may be nearer to your school or college but choosing a rental home few kilometers far might save your half of the rent amount. Apart from paying monthly rent, you may need money for deposit amount and administration fees of letting agent. Further, you have to pay bills and taxes if they are not included in your rent.
  1. Tenancy Agreement-
Make sure that you receive copy of your AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) or you can simply say tenancy agreement. Do not sign the agreement without reading it. Check everything written thereof, ask questions where you have doubts, and check for complete list of inventory as well. Don’t hesitate in discussing any issue with your agent or landlord regarding the contract. Take note of each and everything stated thereof as moving further all activities pertaining to rented home will take place according to the words stated in the tenancy agreement.
  1. Inventory Checklist-
Double check that you should receive a complete list of all inventory and household content when you move in describing their condition at present. Ensure that whatever is written in the list matches with the real items placed in the home. Do not sign if you have any doubt or if you do not agree on anything. It is recommended to take pictures of the property before moving in. This will help you to settle disputes regarding inventory later on.
  1. Safety Checks-
Apart from other factors, checking safety and security of the house is also essential. You might have selected best place to rent in London within your budgets and having all basic facilities at ease but if it is not safe, all your efforts are wasted. Safety becomes more important when you are far from your home country. Check all locks are working properly, burglar alarms are in place, and other security measures.

Renting a flat is London is not as tough as it seems but keeping above mentioned tips in your mind will certainly help you in selecting a perfect rental home for yourself. It will smoothen the process.
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