Dimensions of the automatic doors

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Automatic doors are systems composed of sliding rails that maintain the door leaves, whose structure is designed with aluminum, wood or other material.

These cars or rails work by means of a motor belt, which is activated by means of a motor, which will be according to each type of door that is manufactured. 

The materials have a certain security system, which has allowed offering a product to the user of high quality for your comfort and comfort.

Characteristics of automatic doors
The doors with an automatic system offer comfort to the user and security in the home, or any establishment in which this type of product is implemented. 

In this sense, the system that allows this modality in the doors is the electric light, but you can also have the implementation of battery systems for its operation. However, when there is no electric light, this type of tool allows manual mode to be manipulated.

The characteristic systems of the automatic doors can be installed in homes as well as: buildings, factories, among others. It is important to note that the power of these doors falls on the capacity of the engine that is counted.

The motor that forms the automatic door must never be forced, because this will reduce the useful life of this tool. In this way, problems regarding the state of these doors will be largely prevented.

Functions and uses of automatic doors
The automatic doors have remote controls that allow them to be activated at a certain distance, but it also depends on the motor that has the same. There are automatic doors that can be activated from distances between 20 to 30 meters respectively.

The automatic doors offer them to the different establishments where they are installed, comfort and security. There are different types of doors with this system, which are adapted and adjusted according to the dimensions of the place where you want to install. In addition, the system with which these doors have, are characterized by being easily applicable to open and close by the user.

The main function and use of the same is the ease of opening and closing automatically without requiring human effort or personal goal.

Dimensions of all types according to the use they require

Currently, there are a variety of designs of automatic doors to be adapted to any space or place where required. Likewise, for customer tastes this type of door maintains a high aesthetic, offering a wide range where easily any type of door can combine in a timely manner with the place where it is going to be installed.

Therefore, according to the dimensions required according to the space to be installed, these doors can have the following systems:

Rotating mechanism
This type of doors is characteristic of shopping centers, banks, among other establishments. They are characterized by offering the place a good image and avoid to a large extent the entry of dust and other elements that contaminate it.

Sliding system
The doors with this feature have a movement system that enlarges the size of the door; in this way, the requirement of the depth space that the doors of other types merit is impeded.

Folding device
These doors are implemented for different spaces, double or single. They offer the space a functional and silent element. There are several designs, adjustable to the places where you want to install; In addition, they greatly facilitate the entry of people with specific conditions and is ideal for places where there is great mobility of people.

Doors with folding system
They are a special type of doors for small places; usually they are implemented for spaces such as garages, warehouses, among others. They are conformed by a system that allows an opening according to the place where it has been installed.

Benefits of automatic doors
Great comfort
It allows the business or establishment that arranges it, an opening and closing of the door in an easy way, and without any effort.

Easy drive
The installation for this type of materials does not imply any complex activity, besides it is not necessary in this case, to replace the lock.

Security system
It offers the user peace of mind through a completely secure door, given that they have a totally effective security system.

Easy maintenance
They do not require excessive maintenance, due to the fact that they have been elaborated with easy cleaning resources.

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