How to Serve the Best Coffee in Your Café

Let’s face it, we all love coffee. Many of us cannot start the day without one and this is why coffee shops are so popular. If you are thinking of making some money from this trend, you need to make sure that your coffee is the best out there to get you noticed and bring your customers back. There is a skill involved with making a great cup of coffee and this comes with know-how and the right equipment. Here is how you can get started on serving the best coffee in town.


Find the Best Coffee Machine

A great coffee machine will help you immensely in making the best cup of coffee going. Without one, you could be spending a lot longer making the perfect cup when you could be letting the machine do it for you. Not only does a coffee machine save you time, but it also provides you with the right amount of flavor, intensity, and foam. This espresso coffee machine is made by hand and is put together to brew the perfect espresso, one that your customers will fall in love with again and again.

Purchasing and Storing Coffee

There are many options for purchasing coffee and you should bear in mind that scrimping on cost could lead to scrimping on flavor. With some coffee machines, you can only use ground coffee,so ensure that you purchase one from a reputable coffee company and also make sure that the coffee is in an airtight container, as it will lose its taste much faster if it is not. Buying in bulk means your coffee will begin to lose taste over a matter of days, so if you can purchase fresh coffee beans locally, this will be your best shot at the perfect cup of coffee. When you are storing your coffee, never chill it and only freeze it if absolutely necessary. Always keep it away from oxygen and any bright lights to maintain its flavor for longer.

Water Matters!

Although most of us only consider what milk or cream we are adding to coffee, water matters too! A cup of coffee is made up of mostly water, so it stands to reason that the water can affect the taste. Many great cafes use bottled water, or they have special activated-charcoal or carbon filters attached to their taps. This stops coffee from tasting off due to any chlorine that may be residing in the water. If you wouldn’t drink the water from your tap, you certainly shouldn’t be using it in your coffee. You also should not use soft water, as this can change the taste of coffee dramatically. Using good water which contains the perfect amount of minerals will blend your coffee perfectly.

When you have got your head around making the perfect coffee, you can then start introducing new and exciting flavors to your menu to stand out from the crowd. It also matters what you serve your coffee in and how it is presented; you have to make that coffee Instagram worthy!
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