Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S – Underrated And Impressive

Competition among top brands like Philips, Braun and Panasonic is increasing day by day. Everyone is striving to launch the best products and get customer attention. The best products of Braun and Philips are series 9 and prestige s3000 respectively. So far, the best product of Panasonic is Arc 5 ES-LV65-S. Thus, in this article we shall talk briefly about this outstanding electric shaver.

High end electric shavers come with a lot of features so its each and every feature should be known otherwise the selection will not be satisfactory. After going through this article you will certainly find this shaver interesting. In the introduction part we are only telling you that if closeness is your top priority then this is a beast and no one can compete it even Braun series 9.


Upon unpacking you will be impressed by its first look. Body has been given silver and black finish making it more attractive. The LED display and the power button is surrounded by a glossy black fascia that make the appearance more eye catching.

On the front of the shaver there is a small circular power button and LED display. Button is small in size but highly responsive. You can see a locking ring around the power button having two positions. 

So, when the small knob is align with padlock the power button will get lock and accidental turning on of shaver is prevented.

Below the power button is the LED display that gives all the important information regarding shaver, like shave duration, remaining juice and cleaning reminder. Also, when there is need of head replacementthe display will tell you.  Further at the back and sides there is rubber like material for firm gripping. If you are looking for the pop up trimmer then it can be find on the back of the shaving head.


Some of the main features of Arc 5 ES-LV65-S are as follows
Looking at the shaving unit 5 cutting elements can be seen. There are two finishing foil, two reverse tapered foil and one slit blade. The slit blade captures longer hair and cut them, reverse tapered foilslift flat lying hair and the finishing foils cut short hair which are very close to skin. Braun also claim to have 5 cutting element in series 9 but they are actually 4. Thus Arc 5 will give you the closest shave which no other shaver can offer.

Motor is capable of 14000 CPM and come with a sensor technology. This technology is capable of recognizing hair density and then adjust the power output accordingly. But if you want to shave with full power just deactivate the sensor technology. The LED display will notify whether you are shaving with sensor mode or full power.

Like other modern shaver this beast is water proof and thus suitable for both wet and dry use. Hence you can shave under the shower or with your favorite shaving gel.


Shaving performance depends upon the motor power and cutting elements in the shaving unit. As here the motor is extremely powerful and 5 cutters in the shaving unit give you very fast and close shave. Whatever type your hair will be, even African hair can’t survive in front of this shaver.

If you are thinking about comfort then you should know that the main focus of Panasonic is on power and closeness. So, if your skin is sensitive then you might fell some discomfort due to such an aggressive buddy. In such case apply pre-shave lotion on your face or shave with a gel. Here we shall appreciate Braun series 9 because it is very gentler and forgiving.

Although this shaver does not come with automatic clean & charge station but you really don’t need that because it can be easily washed under the tap water. Washing with a liquid soap will make the cleaning process a lot more convenient.

Battery Life

Arc 5 ES-LV65-S comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Being suitable for both wet and dry use it can be used only cordlessly. So, the running time of this shaver is 45 minutes and the recharge time is 1 hour to fully charge the battery. The good news here is that when the remaining juice of battery is only 10% the motor will still run with full power and you will be able to get one shave.

Bottom Line  

This shaver has an excellent build quality and come with broad list of included accessories. Simple is that if closeness and fast shaving is your priority then no one can compete it, no matter how high end the other shaver is. 
Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S – Underrated And Impressive Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S – Underrated And Impressive Reviewed by GlamourTreat on 00:10:00 Rating: 5
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