Samsung Galaxy Watch Active vs. TicWatch Pro: Which should you buy?

So, that time of the year has arrived when the smart watch market is ready to witness some high competition. The rivalry is getting ferocious day by day with subsequent releases of different smart watches, but the question arrives which one is the best?

We will go head-to-head with the two best options and their specifications and features so that you can make a well informed decision. Either, you want to gift it to your loved ones or your tech savvy friend, or want to give a gift to yourself you clearly need to know the specs before buying this expensive time piece.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
The new adorable Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, is a piece of a nice looking wearable with interesting features. It features the most stylish and fascinating design with an aesthetic appeal.

Size and Design:
It has the slimmest design with the case size of 40 mm and is 10.5mm in thickness making it the slimmest smart watch that you can wear both in gym as well as in office. This watch is more familiar among women and people with small wrists. It is available in four colors Midnight Black, Rose Gold, Silver and Green.

The display of Samsung Watch Active consist of AMOLED with a display of 360 by 360 resolution. It offers always on-functionality and high contrast. Its high resolution display results in the best picture quality as compared to other smart watches.

Battery Life:
According to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch Active has got quite an impressive battery life. With 45 hours on heavy usage and 2 days on a mixed usage on single charge. It comes with a Qi wireless charger, so that you can easily charge your smart watch.

Operating System:
While iOS app development and Android app development dominate almost 99,9% of the OS market share, Samsung has gone for a new operating system called Tizen for this device, which is a very different kind of software. Instead of getting Android apps on Google Play, it offers Samsung Store which has more wide variety of apps. It has more applications that help you in tracking your fitness activities not only like counting steps and burned calories but also showing your sleep cycles, reminding you if you are sitting for too long. Samsung Galaxy Watch has also speaker which only few smartwatches offers, so you can receive calls anytime with high audio quality. With the Samsung Galaxy speaker, you will feel no difference in the audio via phone call or smartwatch.

Water Protection:
The Samsung Galaxy Active Watch is a great choice for swimmers to track their swimming activity as it is rated as 5ATM and is water resistant up to 50 meters. If you are water sporty, or live at a place where there is uninviting chances of rain then this smart watch can act as a life savior.

TicWatch Pro
Tic Watch Pro is a perfect example of classic smartwatch competing the Galaxy Active Watch in several ways. Although, there are many distinguishable features which set it all apart from the Active Watch.

Size and Design:
It has a sophisticated design and is perfect for the Android lovers. Tic Watch Pro is made up of carbon fibers with a nylon case and stainless steel bezel. It is 12.6 mm in thickness, making it not the slimmest one but definitely classic. It has 45 mm case size which is slight heavier as compare to its other competitors. It is available in just two colors, Black and Silver. It has proprietary charger

The most distinctive feature of Tic Watch Pro is its display. It has an amazing FSTN dual-screen display of 1.39 inches. The 400 by 400 resolution displays allows you to use your phone in direct sunlight due to its high contrast usability. It also enables you to switch between the smart mode and essential mode to save your battery life. The screen is protect with the Corning Gorilla Glass with one button and touchscreen.

Battery Life:
It offers a high battery standard as compare to other smart watches and attracts most of its consumers. Because of the switchable mode, it has an elongated battery life. You can use this timepiece for approx. 25 days on essential mode, although all the Wear OS features will shut down on essential mode.  The auto switch mode allows you to have 5 days battery usage in a single charge. With the heavy use, the battery will lasts up to 2 days.

Operating system:
If you are a big fan of Google services and Android then Tic Watch is the best choice. The Wear OS software is integrated with Google and provides convenience to its users with Google Pay. It allows you to access your most favorite apps and cool games. It is integrated with Google Assistant to help you out. It offers sensors like HRM, gyroscope, accelerometer to track your fitness. The Google Fit and the notification system it has is same like your Android Phone. Developers believe that developing an app for Tic Watch was very similar to Android App Development.

Water Protection:
Tic Watch Pro is not as much water resistant as Samsung Galaxy Active Watch, but it can survive in water up to 1.5 meters. It is rated as IP68 and is also dust resistant.

Both, Tic Watch and Samsung Galaxy has its own specifications and features. It is really tough to identify here, who is the winner. This dilemma is just as comparing between Android App Development and iOS App Development, there’s no one answer. If you are Android lover and want an extended battery life with more usage then we will suggest you to go with Tic Watch Pro, but if you love to wear a watch with stylish design with high waterproof durability and unique fitness tracking features then Samsung Galaxy Active Watch is the one for you. Also, the Galaxy Active Watch is more affordable than the Tic Watch Pro. To decide which one is the perfect choice you need to focus on design, personal preferences and each with its unique characteristics.

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