The Bodybuilding Coach: How to Maximize Your Training Split

As we all are aware that people are taking heavy diet nowadays for delicious taste, but they are not taking care of themselves and suffering from many health issues like increase in weight, decreases the stamina, increase in cholesterol and much more. According to these foodie people, eating fast food may increase the weight, but it can be recovered by joining the gym and focusing on workout may help you in being fit.

People who are healthy enough and want to lose weight seem crazy nowadays. They think that they will easily take a high weight in the beginning. However, it is one of the most dangerous things for a healthy fit. Whether you are a beginner of a gym or you are busy in a regular workout, you need to start slowly with less weight gym equipment.

Do you know how to maximize your training spilt? A split routine is done when muscles groups divide workouts. For example:
  • Two days splits
Monday – Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Tuesday – Back/Biceps/Legs
  • Three Days Splits
Wednesday – Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Friday – Legs
Sunday – Back/Biceps
  • Four Days Splits
Monday and Thursday – Chest/Shoulder/Triceps
Tuesday and Friday – Back/Biceps/Legs
Monday – Chest
Tuesday – Legs
Wednesday – Back
Thursday – Shoulders
Friday – Arms

These are some of the ideas through which you can take inspiration from before starting the workout. Of course, you need the tips that how many times you have to lift and how much it is suitable for your smart fit. Keep in mind that overdoing your workout may tear your muscles. Splitting is one of a great way to full body training, intensity becomes high with a good routine. You need to spend more time in the gym to workout. If you need to train your body parts in one routine, then it will take just two hours and it will higher intensity, better focus, more energy, and strength as well.

You will find difficulty in doing a workout, like how much you have to exercise by taking care of your health. Of course, don’t have to overwork because it may cause many damages.

Workout for three days continuously gives you the best for the beginners because it allows you to get familiar with the exercises by repeating them many times. As beginners have not the same strength levels, so you have to work slowly and gradually that will allow everyone to involves full body workouts. Starting from three days would be a good choice that will give superb fit and give you more experience of doing exercise. Three days is a good start for beginners and it will allow you to ultimately progress to more volume and more frequency if preferred. It means if you are working only a few steps on Monday, then take rest on Tuesday and then work on Wednesday with more steps, after the heavy workout, take rest on Thursday, then try more steps on Friday.

After completing three to six months of the workout training, you have to move forward for other tough exercises. Of course, it is now more difficult and hardworking for the entire gym-going trainee.

You have to work four days in a week, and you can move up to this split to start seeing muscles gains.

This training will help you to become stronger in your lift. On Monday, you have to work on the upper body and on Tuesday, you have to work for the lower body then take rest of one day. Again on
Thursday, work on the upper body and on Friday, you can work out for the lower body. Then take rest for two days Saturday and Sunday.

Now you are at the stage where you are strong enough to do workout for the five days. This is known as the advance routine that everyone can do. After training for many years and rising your maximal strength and growth, you may need to start training using a 5-day split routine focusing on only one or two muscle workout. You definitely need to work harder to look amazing fitted among others.

People love to see bodybuilders and inspire with their body. As this is a five days workout, then you to work on your chest on Monday, Back on Tuesday, then take rest on Wednesday. After a rest do a workout of shoulders on Thursday, back legs on Friday, and arms on Saturday. After the tough routine takes rest on Sunday.

Not only workout is necessary for being fit, you definitely need the nutrition to get a healthy life. You need to eat at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. For instance, your weight is 180 pound, then eat 180 gram of protein daily for a healthy life. Without the addition of protein in your diet, your workout is waste; it will not allow you to grow. Take some protein shake after a workout so that you can feel energize and fresh again. Of course, it is not easy as wearing Joaquin phoenix joker suit, but not difficult as well. So, keep trying and get a healthy and smart fit.

One of the main thing that you need to keep in your mind is that doesn’t stop the workout more than 1 year because it will increase your weight as well as again give an ugly shape of the body that disappoints you and the people you spend time. You may not give the proper time to your workout because of lack of practice and then you have to start from the beginning to come again on the proper track.

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