Top 10 places to visit in Dubai for Couple

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Dubai has strengthened its reputation as a preferred honeymoon destination for many new couples in recent times. It is a tourist friendly country and is known for being a good travel and shopping destination. But the question lies; what to do once you get there? Well, today we want to help you answer this question. We have compiled a list of activities to do places to go as a couple, so that you make the most of your experience and have an unforgettable trip!

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a world renowned building by now, and it offers some of the most splendid views of Dubai from its observation decks. One of the ideal activities to do as a couple is visit it’s upper floors and enjoy the breath-taking views from up there.

Camel Ride

The desert safari in Dubai is one of the best experiences you can have as a couple. Exploring the deserts is definitely a fun activity you can’t miss out on, but what makes it even more fun is doing it on a camel! Take a ride on this majestic creature known as the ship of the desert, and you will be in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dhow Cruise

Treat yourself and your partner to a fabulous night of entertainment and opulence, and let them experience the sense of tradition on board one of the spectacular Dinner Cruises of Dubai. Spend a romantic evening on the water and fell seep in the ambience as leave the city's bustling atmosphere behind to the tune of soothing Arabic music. This Dhow Cruise Dubai is guaranteed to ignite the flame of your love.

Bollywood Park

If you are a diehard Hindi movie fan, then the Bollywood Parks Dubai is the place to visit with your partner. Mumbai’s popular film industry has inspired this one of a kind Bollywood themed park. They are host to twelve rides and five themed zones inside the Bollywood Park, and you are bound to have a gala time that will make your day.

Desert Safari Ride

A visit to Dubai is considered incomplete without the amazing desert safari in Dubai, where you get to experience a thrilling adventurein the famed Arabian Desert.

Watch the sunrise in an unspoilt view over the vast expanses of the desert, right till the horizon. Take part in a host of activities like quad biking, dune bashing, and if you choose, you can join the Bedouin campsite after dark, for an authentic Arabian experience.

Villa Beach Dubai

If a quaint meal by the beach side sounds romantic to you, then this is your place. Get the chance to bury your feet in the sand while you enjoy the sea-front view, opposite the imposing Burj al Arab! The Villa Beach sets up the perfect romantic ambience for your date night. In addition, you get great food and very hospitable service.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World opened its doors in 2010, and it is Abu Dhabi’s biggest theme park. The park’s indoor activities are all Ferrari themed.You can see how Ferraris are actually made. If you want to experience driving a Ferrari here, you can do so with an expert beside you. Other than that, there are many live shows here, plus shopping opportunities, and food kiosks. Visiting this place with your partner shall be the highlight of your trip.

Hot Air Balloon

A desert is a majestic place especially during sunrise or sunset. Get the chance to experience the beauty of the desert up close, by gliding in the sky and witnessing the vast expanse shining in the golden rays.Look out for indigenous animals such as Gazelles and Camels strolling around. Spend some precious moments away from the rush of everyday life, amongst the clouds and in complete serenity, with your loved one.

Scuba Diving

Amongst all the other activities suggested here, scuba diving holds a unique spot and its true value can be realised only once you take part in the activity. Witness the beauty of the deep blue sea and the vast amount of marine life present within, by diving into the the depths. Explore the humungous ship wrecks that date back to the first Gulf war.
Get a chance to witness an extensive range of colourful fish, bright corals, and some unique sea flora.

Dubai has some very interesting dive sites like Cement Barge, Car Barge & Tug, Anchor Barge and Barracuda Barge. Other than these, there are some more amazing dive sites like Fujairah and Musandam that offer an outstanding scuba diving experience. All in all, scuba diving in Dubai is a once in a lifetime adventure.

Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Water park in Dubai is situated right in front of the magnificent Burj Al Arab. It is themed on an Arabic folklore character named Juha. It houses some of the most breath-taking rides and attractions in Dubai. Once you visit this place, be assured that you will have a fun and adrenaline fuelled exciting time.

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