Top Animation Programs In Cinema And Advertising

The animation is a medium capable of creating sub-products in the market, that is, a product that incidentally may be useful or marketable and that may even appear with high reach in both television and cinema and that will give it to any advertising campaign significant support in terms of positioning, maintenance, and loyalty. There are variety of animation graphics and editing programs offered by leading institutes.

Below some of the top animation graphics and editing programs that have been most used for animation purposes in television, film or video games

Top Animation graphics and editing courses:

Anime Studio Pro 5

It is 2D software that allows creating animations of mange and anime; it brings with it some previous charges that are very helpful.

Import Artwork
Vector graphic
Audio support
Pen Tablet
Time intuition
Creation of movies, animated shorts
Integral transfer to the web

2. Adobe Fireworks
With Adobe Fireworks it is possible to create graphics with expressions and optimal for the web, as well as prototypes that can be edited with ease, both in vectorial and bitmap ways. It is possible to create animations with advertisements, logos, and vignettes in motion.

IImport objects or pages from Fireworks to Flash Catalyst
Workflows compatible with Adobe Flash applications
Design templates 
Fidelity of layers, effects, fusing modes of up to 100 work tables and double- byte text
Export animations in the form of animated GIF or Adobe Flash SWF files

3. Autodesk Maya 3D
It is animation software that provides tools for modeling, simulation, visual effects, movement tracking, as well as the representation of movements and a platform that can be extended. It is also possible to work with prototypes of games and the integration of pipes. It is recommended for those who work in film, television, advertising or graphic design.

Render passes based on nodes
Editable paths in motion
Library of 80 substance textures
3D modeling
High performance graphics window
Batch rendering

4. Autodesk 3ds Max
This is considered one of the most used 3D animation programs because it maintains solid editing and plug-in platform. 3ds Max is mostly used by video game developers, but also for the creation of animation projects such as films, in engineering, architecture, television ads, special effects, among others.

Accelerated graphics core
80 basic textures for finishes
Dynamics of rigid bodies
I ray rendering
Creation of UVW maps
Brushes that increase control over the effects of brush strokes

5. Autodesk Softimage X51
It is software for modeling, animation, visual effects, and 3D composition. It provides data management and facial equipment Softimage Face Robot in addition to the creation of interactive creative environments.

Face Robot Tools
Performance control
Options for creating custom ICE nodes
Viewing the scene debugger

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