Ways to clean accessories


Many of the accessories are coated with rust and color change, which makes many ladies wonder how to clean the painted accessories and restore the luster and shine again and get rid of rust and discoloration, always the main reason for changing the color of accessories coated is oxidation by many factors that may be Ms. Sweating, salts, water, etc., follow this article to learn about ways to clean painted accessories and return them as new ones.

Cleaning methods of coated accessories

There are two ways to clean accessories painted in gold or silver, these methods restore your accessories as new: -

Method 1: Dish washing liquid
Put a tablespoon of dish washing liquid with a cup of boiling water in a deep dish. Put your accessories, then with a soft brush, rub the accessories thoroughly, wash the accessories with water, dry them, and bring your accessories back.

Method 2: Washing powder
Use the washing powder to clean and polish the coated accessories. Add a tablespoon of washing powder with a teaspoon of white vinegar to the boiling water and put in the accessories for a few minutes, rub your accessories with a soft brush and you will feel the difference and you will get shiny accessories like the new ones. Get rid of the rust that is made up on your accessories.

Tips to keep your plated accessories shiny

The coated accessories need special treatment and attention so as not to lose their original color and become rusty and the factors that change their shape, so we offer you some tips to help you keep your accessories painted as new always through some simple steps that are as follows:
  • Do not wear the accessories painted all the time but wear only in the case of an occasion or during the exit, taking into account drying the skin from sweating between one and another so as not to reach the accessory and change the color and shape.
  • Keep your accessories painted in a stylish cloth-lined case to keep them from changing weather conditions.
  • Do not expose your coated accessories to water so as not to oxidize and turn to black.
  • Clean your accessories after wearing each time by a piece of dry cotton and well aware of any effects of sweating or salts or weather factors such as dust and so on.
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