Wedding Checklist: Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

wedding checklist

Whether you’re looking for a wedding caterer in Tagaytay, in Manila, or anywhere in the country, what you must prepare, first and foremost, are the inquiries with which you want to make sure the caterer of your choice can fulfill. It isn’t just a matter of searching for the right caterer and expecting that they should entertain you right away if they don’t know the perimeters of your needs.

Therefore, before even thinking of searching for a catering service, you must already be equipped with a checklist of questions you want to discuss. Think of it like a grocery list: do you not write down the items you are going to buy before heading out? Here’s some of the possible questions you may want to ask your caterer.

How long have you been in business?

This is a question to ask especially when you have never heard of the caterer before, or if it’s your first time to work with them. The question isn’t meant to underestimate the caterers, but rather to look into their background and/or history as trustworthy caterers. It’s about finding out their experience, and how long have they been in service.

Have you catered in my area?

You may also rephrase the question as “have you done service in this location?”. This is an important question because some caterers are only focused on a specific area (usually where they are based). Even if the wedding caterer is in Tagaytay, and you want them to come over in Manila, for instance, you must be able to come to an agreement on how you can make this setting work.

What food choices do you prepare?

This is crucial when it comes to choosing a caterer as this will be one of the highlights towards guests during your wedding day. What are the food options the caterer can offer? Do they specialize in a particular cuisine which could impact your theme? Once you’ve discussed the menu, food samples may be provided for you to taste.

What are your packages and its inclusions?

Other than preparing a checklist of questions to fire upon meeting the caterer, you also manage the budget with which you and the caterer will be able to come into terms. It is wise to pitch in what their packages are, for instance in a wedding event, and what are included in these packages so you’ll have a better understanding on how you’ll be able to pull off a unique and amiable wedding experience.

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of questions you can formulate to ask your caterer, and each one doesn’t mean that you distrust their service or doubt, but rather you ask numerous questions because you want to make sure that you and the catering service will form a strong acquaintance built in trust and respect. Keep in mind that it’s better to cover everything the caterer is capable of doing, and your demands to be understood than groping for what is to be done throughout the preparations.
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