A Complete Guide on Kheerganga Trek


Amidst the beautiful Parvati valley, deep down is situated Kheerganga at the altitude of 2590m. This is one of the most beautiful and adventurous trek in India and people from all over the world come to experience the Kheerganga Trekking. There is a popular story often shared about Kheerganga trek. The story narrates that there are many tourists who come to this Kheerganga Trek, Himachal Pradesh for few days to take break from their daily life but often end up staying for an extended period of time.

Natural Beauty of Kheerganga Trek
If god is said to reside on this eart, then surely Kheerganga would be one of his frequently visited place. The whole trek is accompanied by the beautiful Parvati River and greenery. 

The surrounding view is very pleasant and the traveler on every step would wish to stop and capture the beauty around.

Every year there are several tourists who plan to visit Kheerganga and are just taken a back from its mesmerizing beauty.

Details of Kheerganga Trek
If you are thinking that being a beginner, you will be able to cover the Kheerganga Trek, and then you are completely wrong. It is because, this trek is not meant for the beginners or weak hearts, as it is of the advanced level. The total trek is about 12-13 Km.

The travelers will be able to come across many cafes and restaurants at Kheerganga. It is advised to all the tourists to start their trek early in the morning, so that they can manage to reach their destination on time.

Best time to visit Kheerganga
One of the best things about Kheerganga Trek is that it is accessible for the whole years despite of the season. However, people should avoid visiting the place during the 3 peak winter weeks to avoid any risk.

If one wants to know the best time to visit this place then it is anytime between April and November.

How to sign up for Kheerganga Trek?
If you are looking for a professional travel planner with whose assistance and services, you can spend your holidays in complete comfort, and then we are here to offer you our genuine and quality services.

It is always better to hire professionals to plan the trip for you as it will always save you extra money and time spent upon hotel bookings and transportations.

Details of transportation to Kheerganga
  • People can reach Kheerganga via Roadways, Railways and Airways.
  • The nearest airport and railways station to the destination is in Bhunter.
  • If you are a person travelling from Delhi, then you can also choose to book a Volvo for about 1300-1500 INR and reach Bhunter in about 10-12 hours. After that you can take a private taxi till the point from where the trek would begin.
  • Travelers living in other neighbouring cities can also have the privilege to visit this nature’s beauty by roadways, railways or airways.
Advice to all the tourists
All the tourists should carry their emergency medicines, food, first-aid kit and proper clothes for their Kheerganga Trek. 
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