Amazing Things to See and Experience in Bhutan

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Bhutan Tourism brilliantly proposes the beauty of travel in its heavenly vistas in the eastern slopes of the Himalayas. Bhutan is popularly called the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. It is a landlocked country that has Tibet and India as its immediate neighbours. Bhutan tourism attracts high-value tourists and travellers with its exotic destinations and adventure activities. Bhutan is not really a backpacker’s budget destination.

Exotic Tiger Nest Monastery

The experience of Hiking up to Tiger's Nest Monastery,also known as Paro Takstang, is a complete experience in itself. The Tiger Nest Monastery is one of Bhutan’s most popular landmarks.The image of the Monastery probably is the one most represented when we talk of Bhutan tourism. The monastery is flanked by steep cliffs of the Paro Valley.

Myth goes that the location of the monastery was decided by a tigress where the great Buddhist Guru Rinpoche fought and defeated a local demon. The monastery can be reached after a tedious two-hour hike up the steep slopes. Along the hiking trail, take a short tea break at the little café to get brilliant views of the monastery from below.

Temple of the Divine Madman

Tourism Bhutan offers many packages that includes visiting the Temple of Divine Madman. This Temple is a place of pilgrimage for childless couples who offer prayers here in the hope conceiving or bearing children. The Madman after whom the temple has been named is Drupa Kunley was a monk who believed that to attain enlightenment it is not necessary that you should shun the earthly pleasures of life.

Bhutan Has Exotic Home stay Options

The local families of Paro Valley are known to offer home stay options to the tourists in their farm. This is probably the best option to experience the real life of Bhutan and enjoy some blissful moments close to nature. The small joys of simple life will dominate the senses when you get an opportunity to sleep on the hard mattress and eat simple meals of rice flavoured with pork fat and butter tea. As for hot water for bathing, you can experience traditional hot stone bath that is filled with water from an adjacent stream that has healing or rejuvenating properties.

Thrill of Suspension Bridge

The 160-meter long bridge spans the Po Chhu River connecting the town of Phunaka with Phunaka Dzong. Colourful and auspicious prayer flags are draped over the rails all the way along the suspension bridge. As you tread along the bridge experience the thrill while you look down at the gushing river below. Also, enjoy watching the excitement of rafting enthusiasts as they churn along in the course of whitewater rafting below down the river.

Meet the Takin

The Takin is the national animal of Bhutan. These animals are  found in the valleys and forest covers of Bhutan mountains. The easiest way to meet these interesting animalsis at the Motithang Takin Preserve in Thimpu. The animals are taken care of and fed and looked after well in the sanctuary. You can catch them lazing and loitering around.

Admorethe Archery Skills

Experience the thrill of watching real-life archery by experts at the Changlimithang Stadium and Archery Ground. Watch the dedicated archers practicing and admire their impressive skills as they hit the Bull’s eye time and again even from hundreds of metres away.

Regalia of Buddha Dordenma

Pay a visit to the impressive structure of Buddha Dordenma built in 2015. It is symbol of national prosperity and overlooks the city of Thimpu. The 51 metres tall Buddha structure makes for a popular attraction for tourists from all over.

Attend a Traditional Festival

Attending and being a part of the gorgeous festivals of Bhutan is a sheer delight. The festivities carry the deep hue of brilliant colours and mystical legends. Religious festivals or Tshechu form an integral part of Bhutan’s tradition. The exoticism of the festivals are intensified through the masked dance performances and listening to the singers performing in glory. Musical renditions are conceptualized through plays or acts that depicts the eternal battle between good and evil.

Local Delicacy of Simply Bhutan

Savour the mouth-watering delicacies of Simply Bhutan, which is a fun little stop located in Thimphu. It is an ideal place for lunch and to take a look at all the local splendid things of Bhutan. You can even taste the local liquor distilled from rice, wheat or maize.

Visit the Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong is the most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan and is popularly known as the Palace of Great Happiness. The dzong is ethereally located at the confluence of the rivers Po Chhu and Mo Chhu. The beauty of the scenic location is overwhelming. This Dzong represents the typical Buddhist architecture featuring detailed symbols and mural paintings depicting the life of Buddha and his teachings. This is the second oldest Dzong in Bhutan and was built way back in 1637. Even the King of Bhutan got wedded here in 2011.

Brave the Thrill of River Rafting

The incredible experience of river rafting on the mountain stream gushing past beside the Punakha Dzong will give you the necessary adrenaline rush. The unique adventure of going under suspension bridges, gazing at the surrounding mountains, dzongs and chortens while you raft your way through the turbulent waters is thrilling.

Try the Popular Bhutanese food

Some of the delicacies that the locals take pride in serving the guests from faraway islands are momos which are dumplings with stuffing inside. Momos are extremely common street food and can be bought at any roadside shack and are also served at fine dining restaurants. Ema Datshi is another local delight that is simply a curry or stew mixed with cheese, potatoes and onions. For the lovers of alcohols Bhutan has Ara or Arag, which is a fermented liquor made from wheat, corn or rice spirit. Kewa Datshi or scalloped potatoes and Zaow which is puffed rice eaten dipped in milk are also not to be missed.

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