The pros along with cons of machine learning

Machine learning solution fits into the category of innovative technologies. From shopping recommendations, to predictive analysis there are put to use in countless anti – virus and security applications. Just like any other form of technology you cannot consider it to be a perfect one. Let us observe the pros along with cons of machine learning and how it can have an impact on an individual and their company goals.

Easy detection of patterns and trends

Machine learning interprets major chunks of data and identities trends which may not be apparent to a human being. Say for example with machine learning a causal relationship can be interpreted, between couples of events. This makes sure that the technology would be highly effective in data mining on a recurring basis necessary for an algorithm.

Without the need for any human intervention machine learning allows you to adopt.  This calls for a spontaneous intervention. To pinpoint an example in this regard would be the various anti- virus programs and security components. Filters and other safeguards can be implemented to ward off the potential threats. All these systems work on the concept of machine learning to figure out new trends and patterns. This has gone on to identify the time gap when a new threat is issued and how far the response is likely to be.


Possibility of error susceptibility exists.

An error in a machine learning module can be a grave issue as all events to the error could screw up the results. The error could take place in various forms as this would again depend upon the manner by which machine learning technology takes them. For example a faulty sensor can go on to generate a flawed data set. This faulty data is incorporated into the machine learning program. A computer lacks the ability to comprehend that these items are not related in any way, and hence human intelligence is called for.

Problems with machine learning can emerge due to the autonomous nature of the technology. You would want to run a machine learning program as you would like a human to baby sit the project. This also could mean that the error is not discovered in an automatic manner. It is going to take a fair amount of time in order to root out the issue.

In predictive analysis or even in artificial intelligence machine learning is a key component.  An automated nature of machine learning helps you to save money and time as analysts are freed up of concentrating on high level tasks that a machine is not equipped to handle. On the negative side your computer is working in a slow manner and this is more than enough to cause discomfort to a programmer.

To conclude, just like any other technology, machine learning is not something for every company or application. As per your objectives the impact of your pros along with cons are expected to vary. But still a lot of business is likely to benefit from the numerous benefits that a machine learning technology provides.
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