Top 5 best bass earphones to gift your employees this festive season (Best known brand for corporate gifts for employees & corporate gift ideas ) :Looking for the best and punchy bass earphones? With change in technology, the gadgets all around us have been changing. So, if you are looking for great bass and sound quality as you listen you favourite music, here is a list of top bass earphones in 2019. Apart from the bass factor, you need to look for qualities such as sound isolation, price, sound quality, and durability.

Here are the best bass earphones for the year 2019.
1-RHA T10i:
The RHA T10i is a noise isolating and high fidelity in-ear earphone that comes with a small in-built remote as well as a microphone. This bass earphone is made of stainless steel and features a dynamic driver that is hand-made. The device is engineered for reproduction of various music genres with highest accuracy levels and details. The unique filter system for tuning allows for the customization of frequency response, plus the fitting is completely noise isolating.

2-Sony XB50BS Extra Bass:
The Sony XB50BS Extra Bass is one among the best in-ear headphone which is activity-oriented with easy pricing. The bass performance showcased by this earphone is especially great. The Sony XB50BS extra bass comes with multiple fin size as well as ear tips. The earphone is noise-isolating, so you might not be able to listen to the traffic, so make sure you refrain from using this earphone when driving or walking through the streets.

3-Sennheiser IE80:
As time passes by, Sennheiser IE80 continues the delivery of amazing audio quality. Its solid response for bass seems uncanny with the latest Sennheiser IE80. This earphone flaunts a customizably great bass response that caters a soothing sound quality. It also has some replaceable cables that come with passive noise isolation of 20dB. The versatile and comfortable design of Sennheiser comes with a company warranty of 2 years.

4-Sony MDR XB50AP:
Highly emphasizing bass, the Sony MDR XB50AP is a stable and portable earphone that blocks out more than average noise making them great for noisy environments when you are in need of a great music partner. The above-average construct flaunts minimal leakage. The great control scheme houses a bass-heavy sound that is portable and can be carried anywhere. The decently rubberized cables give you a great grip that doesn’t slip every now and then.
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