5 Side-effects of using Hair Removal Creams that you must know

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Hair removal creams are one of the most common methods to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. Also known as depilatory creams, these are extensively used for removing hair from legs, arms, abdomen, bikini line etc. While these are not permanent problem solvers like laser treatments, many use them for their easy hair removal technique which provides smoother skin and is not painful. However, this does not mean that the hair removal creams are all good and do not harm you. Here are some of the side-effects of using hair removal creams that you must know.

How do Hair Removal creams work?

Hair removal creams contain chemicals that melt the hair away, i.e., when they sit on your hair, the active ingredients present in them attack the structure of your hair and breaks it causing it to fall off.

Side-effects of using Hair Removal Creams

Now, you know that hair removal creams contain chemicals that help in removing the hair from your body. So applying it on your skin means exposing the area to harsh chemicals which can cause some serious issues. Below mentioned are some of the side-effects of using hair removal creams:

1.     Hair Removal creams can cause skin irritation

Depilatory creams when applied on the skin cause a tingly sensation which is common. Some creams sting mildly, but that is not a cause of worry because as you rinse the skin, the tingly feeling vanishes. However, those who have sensitive skin do feel the unpleasant sensations for hours even after cleaning the area. The irritated skin might develop a rash or become dry and itchy. If you wish to evade the dry skin, then you must use the right cream for your skin. The creams meant for sensitive skin types have mild chemicals; however, they can cause irritation too. Also, there are different creams for removing the hair from different areas. Those meant for removing bikini line hair will have a different composition than those used for arms and legs hair removal. Hence, you must pick them accordingly.

2.     Hair Removal Creams can cause Chemical burns

The hair removal creams always come with a how to use instruction guide that mentions the time duration for which you should let the cream stay on your skin, and you must abide by it. As already mentioned, these depilatory creams contain chemicals that break the hair cells causing the hair to fall. However, here a point to note is that your hair, as well as skin cells, comprise of the same protein and amino acids which means the chemicals that can break your hair can also damage the skin; however, they are not that quick to affect your skin. As such you can remove the hair without damaging your skin. But in case you leave the hair removal cream on your skin for too long or do not rinse it properly, then the skin of the area might break down resulting in chemical burns.

3.     Hair removal creams have an unpleasant odor

Most of the hair removal creams have a sharp smell that can put you off. The chemical formulations used to prepare the cream to lend it this sharp odor that lingers even after hours of using the cream. The companies manufacturing hair removal creams are trying hard to mask the smell by using sweet fragrances, but the results are not that satisfactory. As such a light wave of air spreads the peculiar smell of the cream all around no matter how much you try to cover it up by using other body creams and lotions.

4.     Hair Removal creams can cause allergic reactions and skin damage

One of the prominent side-effects of using skin removal creams is that they can cause skin damage. With absurd beauty notions like ultra-smooth skin haunting the society, companies are aggressively using more and more caustic ingredients in their products that can cause allergic reactions and do more harm than good.  The pH level of these creams is known to affect the skin negatively and can even damage it. The results can be more damaging in the case of mature or sensitive skin. Hence, it is advised that you must do a skin patch test before using a hair removal cream. Apply a small amount of the cream on healthy skin following the instructions mentioned on the product and after that rinse the area. You must wait for at least twenty-four hours to see the results. If the area where you applied the cream has got red or inflamed, then do not use the product.

5.     Hair Removal Creams need to be used often

The major disadvantage of hair removal creams is that these do not keep your skin hair-free for long. You may see tiny hair growing sooner than you thought. Though the hair does not grow as quickly as with shaving, some can see re-growth of hairs within a week. As such you will have to use the hair removal creams that are quite expensive, again and again, exposing your skin to harsh chemicals frequently.


Hair removal creams are undoubtedly a popular method of removing unwanted hair from the body. These provide much convenience as far as hair removal is concerned, giving you smoother skin, unlike shaving. Also, the hair that re-grows after using the creams is not hard as in case of shaving. Besides, these do not cause any pain while removing hair as in the case of waxing. However, these hair removal creams constitute a lot of caustic ingredients that can cause burns and damage your skin. Thus, these need to be applied cautiously. Another tip is to do a skin patch test before using the creams to know your skin’s sensitivity to them.
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