5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wine for a Party

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Holiday season is coming up and you want to throw a fabulous party, but you don’t really know how to choose the right wine that will satisfy your guests’ taste? If that’s the case with you, don’t worry at all because we have five useful tips on how to make that happen like a true pro. Just keep on reading and check them out!

First of all, decide on the number of bottles you’ll need for your party

The first and one of the most important things you should take into consideration when planning a party is the number of the bottles of wine you’ll need, and the fact is that it largely depends on the number of your guests. Bear in mind that one bottle of wine will fill between five and six glasses, so do the math carefully. You should also know that at a party where people drink mostly wine, you should plan on at least three glasses per person. Needless to say, reliable alcohol delivery service is highly recommended for these kinds of situations, so be sure to have their number close at hand.

Remember to stick to your budget

If you’re a wine lover, we’re sure that you already know that wines can be quite expensive. Did you know that some specific sorts can cost up to $500,000 per bottle? One of these is actually a six-liter bottle of Cabernet from Napa Valley, but we can all agree that it’s outrageously expensive. Of course, wines you will pick shouldn’t cost more than $30 per bottle, especially if we’re talking about a bigger party and a limited budget. In that case, you should search for less pricey bottles of quality wine that will satisfy your and your guests’ needs, while saving some money at the same time.

Pick quality sparkling wine you’ll serve when guests arrive

The majority of people enjoy the fabulous taste of sparkling wine, which is exactly why you should serve it as soon as your guests arrive and start off on the right foot. The truth is that sparkling wines are quite festive, and the good news is that it can be found in all price ranges, which is particularly important if you have a limited budget. For example, Prosecco is a fantastic choice as it’s slightly sweet, which is exactly what makes it a good aperitif. One bottle of Prosecco costs about $10, which is a great price for such an amazing product. On the other hand, when speaking of champagne that originates from France (which is the real deal), it’s a bit more expensive, as a bottle of such champagne costs $20 on average. The choice is totally up to you!

Always choose wines that won’t overwhelm the food

Choosing the right wine(s) for your party is definitely a tricky task, especially if you can’t predict what people prefer. However, you should always give your best to choose wines that won’t overwhelm the food, making sure that everything is balanced to perfection. Burgundy wine is always a fantastic option, especially for people who want to experiment with French cuisine, so be sure to pick quality burgundy wine for your birthday party. As for other wines, you won’t make a mistake with Soave from Veneto as it is a fantastic choice when it comes to dry wines.

Don’t forget to pick an appropriate type of glasses

Last but not least, the type of glasses you’ll use really matters a lot – especially if you plan to throw a bit more formal birthday party. White wines usually go with smaller glasses, which will allow them to stay cool for a longer period of time. On the other hand, red wines should be served in bigger glasses, as these provide more aeration and highly required swirling space. Of course, if your party is going to be quite casual, you should definitely use one type of glass for both red and white wine. After all, no one will probably pay attention to the glasses, as they’ll be focused on having fun at the party!

As you can see, choosing the right wine for your party doesn’t have to be as challenging as you probably thought in the first place. Just make sure to stick to our tips and guidelines, and you’ll undoubtedly do it right!
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