Dell Boomi: Connection with Simplicity and Ease

In the world of competition, information plays a vital role in each aspect of life. Technologies are developed for ease of information manipulation which includes agile information flow, processing and performing analysis. This helps the business world to excel faster and promotes interaction and innovations.

With the aim to ease connectivity and provide an intelligent, scalable and flexible platform which merges digital ecosystems across various devices, channels, and platforms, Dell Boomi Company was established to have a connected Business world to foster the increasing need for advanced and automated business concerns. The Dell Boomi atmosphere is a multi-tenant cloud integration platform that helps in connecting cloud and on-premises applications and data.

Boomi provides a cloud-native platform with easy ‘login and goes’ practices which help the business to grow. This cloud-based integration process is called as atoms which led to the transfer of data between cloud and on-premises. Each atom is very important as it represents the necessary integration details.

Dell Boomi offers essential functionalities to leverage connection. These tools consist of the master data hub, workflow automation, API design, and management and B2B/EDI management. This Solution provides a 360-degree view of your business powered with machine learning and artificial intelligence for smart insights.

Following are various look-up features of Dell Boomi
  • Design integration processes
  • Library of pre-built connectors
  • Boomi Suggest tool
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Activity monitoring and event tracking
  • Application, data, and B2B integration
  • Automatic integration updates and complex integrations support
  • Crowd-sourced knowledge base and regression testing
  • Dynamic and lightweight run-time engine
  • Reserved and unique visual designer
  • Pick-and-click, drag-and-drop tools
  • Series of integration
The limelight benefits include secure infrastructure built on an advanced distributed architecture that empowers cloud-native infrastructure. With the above-listed features, Boomi thus stands as an enterprise integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). No hardware or software required to manage and automatic upgrades which help make it effortless interaction and management with ease. Boomi also provides API life cycle management i.e. create, manage or publish respectively. It offers a 100% cloud-native solution. It has capabilities to let one configure data integration and management processes rather than conventional custom coding, software packages or hardware components. One may use highly feasible point-and-click tools and pre-built library connectors to easily run, manage, and configure data interactions.

The Boomi platform provides various services that include not only training and certification but also world-class customer support. It too provides Boomi Professional services where the team offers expertise services in integration development and other best practices. The professional team provide not only advice for the critical implementation for the organization but also provide custom, production-ready integration. This helps you to reduce time and faster implementation improves integration design and costly rework.

The present achievements of Dell Boomi include the platform helps to boast a highly flexible platform with the ability to integrate both cloud-based and on-premises data and applications which support real-time, event-based and batch processing. The company boasts that it has more than 7,500 customers, including top companies like LinkedIn, and Kelly-Moore Paints.

There is a certain weakness that some users who describe themselves as "citizen integrators" found the interface difficult to use. In this way, Dell Boomi stands a good solution for the integration platform and boosts simplicity.
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