Golden Triangle of India Sparkles More With Oberoi Hotels Luxury!!!

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Luxury must be a state of mind for many but for me, luxury is lavish rooms, illustrious dining, and bountiful hospitality.

My freedom to choose and having my own time is also Luxury to me.

Luxury during traveling is the comfort, in the sumptuous room, safe and well-equipped conveyance and someone to cater my every whim...

I have been to India umpteen times and Oberoi golden triangle tour is my favorite holiday trip as it covers the most treasured destination like Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi.

The trip is also the most flexible one because of easy connectivity and varied destination in between the cities that can be easily molded according to mood and weather. Make it one day trip or 7 days holiday, anything is possible on this route.

When we were here last year, during our Oberoi golden triangle tour we were about to leave Agra and were heading towards the west to Jaipur, our whimsical demand was to indulge in Tiger safari. We then headed directly to Ranthambore national park which was nearly on the route and voila we were there!!

This is just one instance.! All our abrupt demands have been served several times by this Jeannie trip of ours.

1. Agra: The Romantic City.

The Oberoi golden triangle tour is famous among solo travelers looking for an adventurous yet safe trip or holiday plans for small group or big group for families or business gathering.
I have also seen many honeymoon couples planning their romantic getaway on the golden triangle to make some life adhering vows in romantic city Agra in the presence of the symbol of love “Taj Mahal.”

2. Jaipur: The Pink City.

This is the heritage city, that attracts lots of tourist around the globe. The city is marvelous in the way it is structured, developed and maintain. The old heritage properties are well maintained and are now running as hotels. The palaces and forts are tall monuments singing the glorious old song. Popular among families and globe trotters this destination is the perfect holiday spot in winters.

3. Delhi: The Capital City of India.

Delhi is closely connected to Agra and Jaipur. The shopping paradise has interesting architectural monuments to be explored during the visit.

The street food is something you cannot miss during your visit to this city.

The cosmopolitan city is the heart of the country and is connected with some lavishly decorated trains, airports, and road transport.

Wait, it is not finished yet.

If you are not able to dust out the dreamy glitters of Oberoi golden triangle tour holidays from your eyes then wait till you enjoy the entire trip with luxurious Oberoi stay.

It will sparkle even more!!

Oberoi Hotels for Your Luxury Tour:-

Oberoi hotels are not the regular 5 stars hotels where you already have been. It is just not elaborated hotel it is understanding one has, for the longingness of luxury.
Oberoi hotels are focused and determined to provide the best to their guest as they firmly believe the guest is everything for them.

All their hotels on the Golden Triangle route are gargantuan properties which are impressively furnished with modern and contemporary artifacts. The Italian marbles bathroom fittings, the teak wood rampage, the oak wood furniture, the Intercontinental dining, the rambling corridors, the massive outdoor pool, the gregarious and bountiful staff, and endless list of luxury and comfort to assist you throughout holidays

1. Oberoi In Delhi.

The beautiful architecture building between Humayun Tomb and Delhi golf course looks posh even from exteriors.

The luxury room or the premium Kohinoor suite every detail of the rooms just accentuates the luxurious stay in style.

They have 7 exclusive dining area that serves from classic cuisine to modern authentic cuisine to their guest. From Indian Japanese, Mughal, Thai, finest wine, interesting cocktails everything is served with generosity. You can also assist the chef and tantalize your sense and discover the secret recipe of Indian curry.

They have a world-class spa, swimming pools, fitness center to relax, replenish and rejuvenate your mind body and spirit.

What I loved during my stay was their interior that combines depth state of art cleaning technology that ensured we get fresh and clean air at every corner of the premises. It was really a thoughtful gesture on how keenly they think about their guest.

2. Oberoi in Agra.

This is nothing less than palace adorns in Mughal designs and carving. It is closely located near Taj Mahal, making every view from the balcony of hotel rooms spectacular. Especially on full lifted moonlight, the view is just phantasmagorically beautiful!

The silk, wood, the wall in every room is so beautifully crafted that every piece is a masterpiece in itself.

They have 4 dining places that serve Mughal and intercontinental cuisine in the grand buffet for your palate.There main dining room Bellevue is closed for refurbishment till October 2019. Let's wait to see some more magic coming!

You can rejuvenate yourself after a tiring day in there holistic spa, swimming pool or at their modern fitness center.

3. Oberoi in Jaipur.

Spread over 36 acres of a beautiful garden is Raj Villas, your other princely dream that will become reality. The luxury tents inspired by royal living style is what I cherish the most. The stay here was as if you were in the palace and I didn't hesitate to acquit myself like a queen.

The rooms were decorated in natural,  pastel colors.The canopied bed, marble bathtub, the exotic decoration is a splendid view to experience and cherish it for a lifetime.

They have 3 main dining area that serves rich and traditional Laal Maans, Dal Bati Churma along with some relishing cuisine of your choice.

Indulge in shopping, sightseeing for the entire day and then relax your body and mind with rejuvenating Spa or just floating inside the pool.

4. Oberoi in Ranthambore.

Vanyavilas has been my favorite for its amazing and opulent tents inspired by caravans of royal families. In the old times, when kings used to stay in the jungle for hunting, they used such tents, that were earthy yet luxurious. Vanya Vilas helps us to era again.

Perfect space to unwind after a thrilling and adventurous day spent in spotting a tiger in National park. Modern Technology is well equipped in these canopies.
They have a bar and restaurant that serves authentic Rajasthani cuisine and Indian and intercontinental cuisine to satisfy your taste buds.

You can spend the evenings of winter near the fireplace or splash yourself in the pool to escape from hot summers. The spa is also the best way to rejuvenate your tired body and soul.

So next time if you are planning a holiday at Oberoi Golden Triangle tour than choose Oberoi hotels for your comfortable stay and add more glitters to your sparkling holidays.
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