How Integrating Travel API Is A Wider Concept Than Hotel Extranet System ?

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Travel is the huge sector delivering services in various areas of tourism. The industry has witnessed a major transformation from manual to online travel process. Almost all the travel companies are operating online with the help of travel portal. In the form of website, companies are offering real time information to their users for online booking  now the question arises here from where the companies are getting huge information. Travel API integration is the answer for the same.

Through Travel API companies access the GDS where database of different service provider is to be maintained. In actual Travel API helps in getting offers from different service providers. GDS, third party APIs and hotel API’s are utilized by OTA’s to get the travel deals. Different API’s works used for different service providers. For example To fetch data of airline companies flight API is to be integrated whereas to fetch data of hotels, different hotel API is to be used.

One more facility is prevailing for the hotel industry known as hotel extranet system. Through this system travel companies give login facility to different contracted hotels and let them maintain their updated data on company website. Travel API’s is a wider concept which covers the whole travel sector. It is only due to travel API integration which makes a website more meaningful for customers.

How Travel API Integration Works For Flight And Hotel Booking ?
Flight API
This travel API integration is basically used by the airline industry to update their
  • Flight fare on the GDS
  • Flight schedules
  • Pricing policies
  • Other relevant details
Travel industry use these information for 24 /7 hours customer support services for flight booking process. It basically collects data from significant airlines, cheaper cost airlines, hybrid airlines and business fleets etc.

  • Increased visitors and increased revenue
  • User friendly Interface
  • Real time updation in fares
  • Customized solutions
  • Genuine and Strong platform
Hotel API
This API basically helps travel companies to get quotation from different hotels registered on GDS. Through their hotel API owner allow travel companies to offer their customers with services such as
  • Well updated hotels
  • Number of rooms available
  • Updated pricing policies
  • Customized deals
  • Other hotel suggestions
  • Wider options to hotels
  • Multi language support
  • Speedy transactions and performance measurability
  • 24/7 Integration
  • User friendly platform
  • Completely dynamic
Hotel extranet system is another useful asset for hotel industry in place of hotel API. Through this hotel can directly update their prices , inventories and number of rooms in the travel company system. This is making a direct relation among travel companies and hotels. Travel companies are benefiting by increased sales of packages, and hotels by increased booking.

Benefits Of Hotel Extranet System
  • Enhanced sales
  • Leave no space for mistakes
  • Real time updation of information
  • Faster reach to customer
  • Improved business performance
  • Increased customer faith
  • Automated hotel booking process
  • Allow modification time to time
Hotel Extranet is also known as Hotel reservation system. It is basically used in hotel sector. Hotel extranet system allow features to refer various properties within a hotel chain. The owner of hotel series can allow any property possessor to update information through logging in with encrypted ID and password. This creates an automated solution for accommodation that are booked from the chain and sold to
  • Customers
  • Travel agents
  • Tour operators
  • Hotel suppliers.
The whole reservation system basically deals with accumulation, maintenance and distribution of information.

API integration is a way for travel companies to reach wider world. This further ensure their customer better travel services. This is to be seriously considered by every travel business which API is best for their business.
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