Ideas to Design Your Home Office

In most families, the Home Office plays a wide variety of roles. If you work from home, it is your place from 9 to 5 for business, for others, it is a place to pay bills, check your email or save important documents. For children, it is the place of homework, or maybe the place to play your computer games for hours. It can be a library, a living room or just a quiet place to take good naps. If space is limited, it can be combined with a guest room or added in the corner of a room, living room or kitchen. There are many options, so you should determine what is best for your family.

If you are thinking about renovating and redecorating your office, storage is your number one priority. With so many papers, books and supplies to store are sure to accommodate everything with shelves, drawers and cabinets aplenty. Once that is achieved, find a table that is equipped with everything you need: plenty of surface space, deep drawers and high quality material. Finally, take the time to customize your room with interesting photographs and ornaments.

How can I add storage to my home office?
Organization in the offices is key, especially with all the documents, emails and statements that you receive and keep throughout the year. The best way to store your documents is by investing in a nice filing cabinet. A rolling filing cabinet can help with convenience, or invest in a more permanent one, a lock is necessary if you have a lot of sensitive documents. Be sure to tag and set a color code so that everything is easy to find. Shelves, cabinets and built-in furniture are your best options. Built-in shelves are an elegant way to store your book collection, while drawers with tray organizers can work for basic supplies, such as pens, pencils, markers, tape and calculators.

How do I choose my desk?
When selecting your office desk (or desks, for a large family space), be sure to consider your general function. If you work from home, you can choose a large, sturdy desktop that can hold all your work documents in a single space. It should look professional (think of a dark wood teacher's desk) and be double-sided so you can hold meetings. To avoid any confusion between work and home, you must have a separate desk for the rest of the family to use, and make sure your work area is out of bounds. If your children use the room as a place of homework, try a two-person counter or even an extended built-in counter where several can sit at the same time. If you use space occasionally,

How can I decorate my home office?
Traditionally, an office is formal and loaded with wood, but that does not mean that it cannot be expanded because of its decoration. Balloons, maps and watches are always good options for decoration, as are table lamps and vases. To add a personalized touch, add framed family photos and small travel memories that you have collected along the way. For mandatory accessories, such as pencil cups, paper trays and magazine racks, try to find bright, vibrant patterns to add a touch of color. Keep track of key tasks with a bulletin board or whiteboard, which are great for reminders and can also be used to hang funky pictures or fresh drawings.
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