Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz Meaning, Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Quartz is the most common mineral in the earth's crust and there are a large number of varieties. The pure and perfectly transparent rock crystal contains only silicon. Colored crystals owe their appearance to the presence of other elements, for example manganese, titanium oxide and dumortierite for pink quartz.

The scientific explanations do not prevent simple contemplation: the pink quartz presents a splendid pallet of soft and soft colors: pale pink or dark, nuanced of orange, peach or lavender. Thanks to its fresh and pastel tones, pink quartz has always been the source of calm and tender feelings. It is awarded the most beautiful and the most envied of titles: the stone of love!

The famous American firm Pantone, creator of a process of printing inks and various color charts "announces the color" for 16 years. It determines the star color of the year that will inspire all modes. In 2016, Pantone elected an association of two shades reflecting the warm well-being and tranquility: pink quartz and blue serenity.

Its mineralogical characteristics
Pink quartz ranks in the great family of silicates-tectosilicates. It has a relative hardness noted 7/10 on the scale of F. Mohs. Translucent most often, its appearance is often cracked and its appearance more or less cloudy. It is frequently found in massive aggregates, sometimes in the form of prismatic crystal.

It can be confused with other litho therapy minerals of approximately similar hues, for example:
  • pink topaz (the most precious topaz)
  • kunzite (a spodunema)
  • morganite (a beryl)
  • pink sapphire (a corundum)
  • the bisbelite (a tourmaline )
  • the pink petalite
All the magmatic and hydrothermal environments are suitable for him and one exploits deposits on the whole planet: Brazil, Mexico, USA, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, China, India, Japan, Sri-Lanka, Russia, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France (Margabal mine at Entraygues sur Truyere, Aveyron).

The first producing country is Brazil. In particular, in a small village in the state of Minas Gerais, there is an exceptional bed of pink quartz with a very pronounced color. In addition to its almost violet hue, it has a composition of exceptional purity. This pink quartz now bears the name of the place of its extraction: Angelandia quartz.

It is also in Minas Gerais that a very famous quartz crystal of about 40 cm high was extracted around 1950. It is a smoky quartz surrounded by pink quartz which has been given the name of "Madona Rosa”.

The asterism of pink quartz
The pink quartz, like ruby and sapphire, can present a specific characteristic rare and sought after: the apparent presence of luminous spokes drawn in stars with 6 or 12 branches.
It is possible to find a star with 6 branches on pink quartz, it is called then “rose quartz star ". This effect, called asterism, gives it an almost magical appearance. The presence of microscopic titanium oxide needles called "rutile" explains this property revealed after a cabochon cut.

The official denomination "pink quartz" is relatively recent. Formerly, pink quartz could be named: Ruby of Ancona, ruby ​​of Bohemia, ruby ​​of Silesia ... These appellations have more coursed today.
In the 18th century, mineralogists designated pink quartz in various formulas. In Latin: “cristallus colorata rubra “or in French “rock crystal ruby ​​color “.  André Brochant de Villiers, who gave his name to another mineral species (brochantite) named it: milky quartz or pink quartz. And now finally want to say that Metaphysical Healing Products are best option for you.
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