Standout Moments by Sumit Anand and Sumaira Sheikh in ZEE5’s Comedy Shots

A wonderful concoction of laughter, glee, and happiness, the latest creative brainchild airing on ZEE5 is the fun series Comedy Shots. With Famous Studios at Parel as the venue, this combination of episodes with popular standup comedians was shot with a live audience that cherishes moments of merriment between the rush of life. Apart from Sumit Anand and Sumaira Shaikh as the star attraction of the show, the audience enjoyed fascinating jokes from Sanjay Rajouria, Rahul Dua, Gaurav Kapoor, Anubhav Bassi, Aadar Malik, and Pratyush Chaubey. 
Sumit Anand: Being Lonely 
Sumit Anand with his everyday guy next door look enters the stage with a classic joke on the relationship between an introvert and his headphones. He explains how lip reading has become his thing though not perfect but he has managed to successfully understand lower lip reading.
Further, in the show Comedy Shots, he elaborates how love for cigarettes is harder than loving a human being. 
He explains this relation as “Love for cigarettes is harder than actual love. Because in actual love, the other party helps in betrayal but cigarettes never betray.”
His joke explaining that cigarettes are way below in his list of things to quit acquired hearty laughter from the audience, especially with the line “In the list of things I need to leave, cigarettes are way below, in the P.T.O page”.
Enunciating the need to quit cigarettes, Sumit further states that he has been planning to read a book based on the ways to quit this malicious habit. However, he lacks the will power to actually read the book. His punch line explaining his woes goes something like this, “Just that I haven’t found the will to read it yet. Now, I am looking for another book “How to read a book without willpower?” Now the second book has to be audio, otherwise, it is nothing more than a deadlock.”
This stand-up act on Comedy Shots gets more interesting with the show going forward at a smooth pace. To know more about the comedian Sumit Anand, click here
Sumaira Shaikh: Rejecting an Auto-Rikshaw
Sumaira Shaikh, a quick-witted dame opens her piece on Comedy Shots with the utter satisfaction of rejecting a “Rickshaw Driver” right to his face. 
Further, in the show, she shares epic secrets on how to avoid blatant rejection from the Auto-rickshaw owners. She says, “There are people who get sad thinking that a rickshaw rejected them once again. To this, I just have to say that they aren’t rejecting you. They are rejecting your destinations like Malad. The key is to meet them halfway like Bandra or a destination closer than your original one.”
She also mentions that a rejection by your local rickshaw wala is highly contagious. If your friend gets rejected, you automatically start assuming that he rejected the two of you. Such funny jokes were in abundance during the short comedy set and each moment of it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

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Standout Moments by Sumit Anand and Sumaira Sheikh in ZEE5’s Comedy Shots Standout Moments by Sumit Anand and Sumaira Sheikh in ZEE5’s Comedy Shots Reviewed by GlamourTreat on 04:55:00 Rating: 5
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