6 Things You Need to Avoid while Creating a Logo

A logo is something that represents and communicates your brand and its vision. Therefore, it must be appealing and impressive. Mostly thoughts, it is difficult to develop a logo particularly a great one.

However, it has no truth in it. Logo creation is quite a simple and amazing effort. To create a logo, you need to undertake a study about the nature of the particular business, and then you can embark on designing a great logo. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that there are some not-to-dos in developing a logo. Here is an account of 6 things that must be avoided while designing a logo.
  1. Display Type
Chad Michael suggests that a logo should not be reduced to a mere display typeface. Your clients are worthy of more than that. Try to be a little inventive and create a logo that is way more powerful and memorable. Your business logo is your brand identity and it needs to speak for your company. Add something emblematic in it. Try to use simple and effective fonts that are easily readable. Avoid applying complex and intricate typefaces.
  1. Hard to get logos
A logo should be simple and easy to read & understand. Simple and intelligible logos are way more memorable than complex ones. Aaron Draplin expresses his opinion about a logo in these words;

“I tend to gravitate toward things that will scale later on. So, to see things with complexity and sharp, tiny, complicated little details that’ll get lost in a Twitter avatar, well, it just sort of shows that folks aren’t considering where we’ll be seeing these things 99 out of 100 times—on a phone app or Instagram avatar! Things need to work small in the smartphone era, so I’m always looking for simplicity, a quick read, legibility and whether or not the thing will work in 20-by-20 pixels, or on the side of a van!”

Therefore, it is obvious that an unforgettable and easy to get logo is simple and flexible. Potential customers have a tendency to incline toward such logos.
  1. Multicolor and 3D Logos
Logos having 2D or 3D designs and too many colors does not work at all. Moreover, such logos are not going to predominate in any way. These logos tend to be complex and it is hard to recreate these logos in black and white. Logos should be flexible enough to be as impressive in grey scale as in colorful themes. Further, such logos don’t fit in the rule that a logo must be memorable i.e. it is hard to remember them. Therefore, you must avoid designing logos that are multicolor and 3D.
  1. Too Much, Too Small
Trying to stuff too many things or ideas into logo design and applying a font that is hard to read isn’t a good practice. It can be devastating. If you insert too many things in the logo, it will become intricate. There is no need to teem a logo design with too many things. It would make the logo difficult to read and understand. Consequently, the logo will become complex and will not be unforgettable any more. Try to keep the logo as simple as possible.
  1. Creating a Logo Using Stock Images
Using stock images for logo designing feels like it is cheating. Let alone the professional designers, even a layman can find out and discern that the stock images are used. Using stock images might leave a negative impact on the viewers. The basic or golden rule is that if you didn’t invent it or maneuvered it, and then simply don’t apply it.
  1. Just Plain is Unattractive and Repulsive
Adding a little creativity to a logo design is critical for its success. Just plain is unattractive, even repulsive. Your business logo must have something appealing in it. Your brand identity needs to be so symbolic that even a child could remember it, and it is possible only if your brand logo is catchy and crafty. Von Glitschka, a professional designer, says in this regard;

“Every industry has the good, the bad and the ugly. When it comes to logo design, what is bad isn’t always an aesthetic issue. It usually reflects a lack of concept or playing off a low-hanging fruit of an idea, and is thus forgettable. Ugly is just that: poorly designed and thus aesthetically challenged. Didn’t see a ton of those, but every so often you’d run into something that bruised your rods and cones.”

To cut long story short, if you want your business logo to be powerful, eye-catching, memorable, impressive and communicative, you do have to bear in mind and avoid committing the above-mentioned mistakes while creating your logo design or getting designed your brand identity i.e. logo. Logos Australiaendeavors to assist you in the logo designing task to accomplish it ingeniously.
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