‘Government’s initiatives to empower women is the key for holistic progress of the nation’

For Indiatoprogress at the world stage,our women must stand shoulder to shoulder with the men. It’s not feasible for a nation to make its mark without its other half participating actively in the economy, says the well-known industrialist Sanjay Dalmia.

It’s embedded in our culture and tradition to treat women as goddesses.They’re the representation of Shakti, the feminine source of power in the universe. This respect remains quite prominent in our society as long as they are mothers, sisters, daughtersand wives.However, the perception changes whenever women are seen associated with education and jobs.

Learning from theseerrorsof the past, India is now focusing more on women empowerment and why shouldn’tit? There is nothing that women can’t do. In the 21st century, women are multitasking and excelling in managing their work-life balance.

The recent schemes of Government of India seem to strike the right cord with the general population and it is due to such recent developments that the bygone conjecture is losing its grip in our society, believes Sanjay Dalmia.

Listed below are some of the most significant initiatives bythe Government of India to empower women. Let’s take a look:

1. BetiBachaoBetiPadhao:Sex- selective abortion has been the reason for constant decline in the ratio of girls in some states of the country. Ultrasound technology has made it possible for pregnant women and their families to determine the gender of a foetus early in a pregnancy, leading to discrimination against girl child.

Hence to eradicate such social evil, the Government of India launched ‘BetiBachaoBetiPadhao’. It is designed to ensure prevention of gender biased sex selective elimination, survival and protection, education and participation of the girl child.

2. SABLA yojana:Girls must be treated on equal terms with boys however the general populace’s concern of their marriage put their education at risk. Hence this scheme launched by the government specifically aims at targeting the girls in the age group 11-18, to empower and improve their social status through nutrition, life skills, home skills and vocational training.

3. Pradhan Mantri Mahila Shakti Kendra: Many rural women in India have opportunities confined to agriculture and its allied sectors. This prohibits their skill development and they aren’t benefitted with the new initiatives, laws set by the government. Therefore, the government has set up these kendras, which promote community participation through involvement of student volunteers for empowerment of rural women.

4. Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana: (A maternity benefit program),enabling better environment by providing cash incentives for improved health and nutrition to pregnant and nursing mothers. This is to ensure good health of both mother and the child.

5. SwadharGreh:Designed to cater to the primary need of shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment and care of the women in distress and the ones without any social and economic support.

6. Working Women Hostels:For ensuring safe accommodation for women working away from their place of residence with daycare facilities.

Mr Dalmia believes that with these schemes, the government has tried to reach the remotest areas of our country.By emphasizing on health and education of women, these initiativesenvisionfor a great and developed nation, which otherwise remains incomplete. 
‘Government’s initiatives to empower women is the key for holistic progress of the nation’ ‘Government’s initiatives to empower women is the key for holistic progress of the nation’ Reviewed by GlamourTreat on 02:53:00 Rating: 5
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