5 Hong Kong Tips Every First Time Visitor Must Know

In the sea of popular touristic destinations, there are those places that are slowly but steadily gaining more popularity. Asian countries are very popular right now, and it seems that Hong Kong is one destination that everyone is running to lately. This means that the time will come for you to want to visit this city as well, so it would be good to know the most important tips for every first-time visitor. Why is Hong Kong so special? What can you do there and what to see? Take a look at these 5 tips and memorize them as you will probably want to visit Hong Kong sometime soon.

Use the happy hours

One of the reasons why you will be going to Hong Kong is because of its wining and dining experience, which is unparalleled to any other place in the world. There is a plethora of clubs and restaurants that you might want to hit, but it’s good to keep your eyes open for happy hours. Many bars offer happy hours and free-flow deals, which is a great thing. These are mostly available early in the evening during the work week (sometimes even at peak hours), but they are definitely there so bear that in mind.

Book your hotel beforehand

Knowing where to stay and booking your hotel in Hong Kong at the right time is very important. This is the place where many tourists fly to every single day, so all the good hotels might be gone before you decide to book your room. So, the moment you realize that you want to go to Hong Kong, book your accommodation. Since this is a great destination, you want something quite cool such as the Discovery Bay Hotel that will make sure your stay there is amazing. Pay attention to the location of your hotel - you can always do your research and see what you have in the vicinity and if the places you want to see are close or far away.

Go to museums on Wednesdays

Perhaps this is not your primary reason for going to Hong Kong, but it would be a shame to visit this place and not experience some of its history. Going to museums here is very recommended as you will see something completely new and different. The good thing is that many museums, such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of History offer free entrance on Wednesdays. 

Learn some Canto phrases

Even though English is one of the two official languages of Hong Kong, and even though most people speak English as well, it wouldn’t be bad for you to learn some Canto phrases so that you can greet locals in their own way. This is a great way to be authentic in Hong Kong, and it’s definitely going to be easier for you (as you will seem friendlier) to get around if you ask for directions in Canto. But make sure to tell them to give you the directions in English!

Know how to use the transport

Hong Kong is huge and this means that the public transport is hectic as well. However, it is organized in a perfect way, so you will not have any problems getting around the city. The public transport is sophisticated and very efficient. More than 90% of locals use it, which is a good proof how great it is. You can use the MTR (Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway), the bus, the minibus, tram and even the ferry, which is the oldest operational mode of transport in the city.

Hong Kong is definitely a place worth visiting. Rich in history, amazing in nightlife - it caters to everyone’s needs. Are you convinced to go there yet? If yes, book your tickets and your accommodation, and bear these things in mind!

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